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Honestly I am a firm believer that all women are princesses, no matter where we may come from or how we may live, or even how we look, dress, or act we are all princesses in our own right. And there are a few of us that are the ones who put all others before ourselves, that would help any in need. Well we are the queens of this world. Because a true queen doesn’t take from her people or only think of herself, we are the ones with a heart of gold. So to all you princesses and queens out there just remember, your not alone and you do matter so don’t let anyone bring you down, hold your head high so you may carry your crown.
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0 | 0 Comments | Feb 25th 2019 03:17

Simple but nice

Sometimes I don’t think guys get exactly what I’m looking for. Yes I grew up watching Disney and princesses but I don’t want a perfect guy! I want someone who isn’t afraid to be them self has flaws and quirks. I want a guy that is passionate about their interests because that will make me excited and happy to hear about it and either support or be apart of that interest. I don’t want romantic dinner dates or walks on the beach, if you covered my eyes and sat me on the couch for a movie marathon I’d be astatic.
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This is new for me

I’m sorry if it’s not always easy to chat with me. I’m not used to the whole friends thing, I’m used to listening to other people’s problems and ending up going off alone. I wasn’t able to spend time with people at school and now I have a hard time interacting.
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3 | 0 Comments | Dec 15th 2018 02:34