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(Sarah Rose)
21 / Female / Single
Indiana - United States
Hey evreybody' I'm Sarah Rose I'm 20 about to be 21 I'm on this Amino because for me its easy to make online friends unlike in real life I have social anxiety its hard for me to make real friends anyways here is all t oh need to know about me!


I do in fact role play mostly tv shows like Riverdale, The Umbrella Academy, The Orville, Teen Wolf, Once upon a time ect. But I only roleplay with people who are 18+ its just a rule I have for my safety and others

Nerdy side

Marvel is my favorite company I absoulutly love comic books and video games I am a gamer girl! I love playing video games so thats something we could have in common

Favroite Tv shows

I love all kinds of tv shows just some of my favroits are...

Teen wolf
Once upon a time
The Umbrella Academy
Bobs burgers
Family guy
That 70s show
And more...

YouTube side

I one-day would love to becoming a youtube like gaming and talking and my problomes my favroite youtubers are...

David Dobrik
Shane Dawson
Joe Santiago
Sam and Colby
Joey Greseffa
Kendall Rae
Lucas (FRED)
Movie Kidd826


My favroite Artist are

Shawn Mendes
Billie Elish
Panic at the Disco
Green day
Ariana Grande
Bears Den
Ed Sheeran
Harry Styles
Melanie Martinez
Tame Impala
Troye Sivan

If you wanna talk just message me

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