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(Belle Gold )
25 / Female / Single
Phoenix , Arizona - United States
My real life information
My name is Belle yes like in the character
I am 25 years old
I am very friendly and accepting of everyone
I love to roleplay and write and read fanfiction
My favorite show is ONCE UPON A TIME
my favorite character is Rumplestiltskin/Mr.Gold and Belle.
I am a book worm.
I am hopeing to make some friends! I have alot of health problems myself so i am on and off meaning replies may be a bit slow depending on how I am feeling. Not only do I role Play a disabled character I am disabled myself so please dont hate. Because I cant help who I am. If anyone has any questons or would just like to chat Feel free to PM me anytime my inbox is always open!

Roles: little age depends

Likes: Roleplaying, reading, cuddles, some displine, TLC, diapers, being babied sometimes, bottles, Animals, walks and a bunch of other things.

Dislikes: rude people, people who use me, people who lie, people who judge me before knowing me. Diaper checks, diaper changes. Doctors, hospitals, medicine, being told no, fighting, violence roleplay fighting and violence is fine.

Relationship single in real life taken in RP.

Looking for: Someone for a long term roleplay partner, my Rumple/ in roleplay and maybe out. Online relationship only may change latter.
My characters information
Name: Belle Rose Gold
Age: 19 to 25
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Sexually: strate- happily married to Rumplestiltskin who is also her caretaker.

Personality: sweet, loving, helpful, funny, understanding, careing, friendly, shy, tmid.

Apperance: long Red/brown hair, Blue eyes, is usually in her wheelchair, husbands arms in bed, likes to wear dresses, shirts and sometimes pants and shirts.
Race: Caucasian

Abilities: none
Affilitation: N/A
Rivals: villians, rude people.

Likes: Reading, writing, art, music, being with her husband/friends and family, being red to, movies, anything Disney, adventures,strolls in the park, cuddling.

Dislikes: being disabled, feeling helpless, diaper checks, diaper changes, medicine, doctors/hospitals, being told she cant do something, villians, rude people, arguing, fighting, yelling, violence, being away from her husband.

Strengths: to many to name
Weaknesses: alot

belle Gold wasnt always disabled. She became that way after she got into a really bad car accident. She was driving home one night and was stopped at a red light when a drunk driver plowed into her almost killing her on impact, luckily the doctors where able to save her but she ended up going into a coma for two years.

By the time she woke up she was shocked to decover that two years had passed since the accident which she didn't remember. She also didn't remember much leading up to it and the doctors told her she had some brain trauma and would have a hard time remembering things. If that wasnt bad enough she learned That she had shattered her pelvis and broken her back in the crash and was now permanently parlized from the waist down and would no longer be able to walk.

With a heavy heart the doctor had told her and her husband that she would no longer be able to take care of herself and would need her husband to do everything for her, which included feeding her her special formula and soft foods since she could no longer have solid foods. He would also have to dress, bath and change her diapers which she now needed because she was incontinent now. when she found all of this out Belle was devastated since she was so used to being completely indapendant. She wasnt sure she would ever get used to her new life.

Unfortunately Belles health wasnt the greatest even before her accident she suffered from asthma, diabetes, a low blood pressure disorder. Frequent fevers and she had a weak immune system. However none of that stopped her from living her life and this wouldn't either.

Even though Belle can no longer take care of herself she is still a strong brave young women and a stubborn fiery bookworm. Even though life is hard sometimes she does what she can to make the best of it and knows that she can get threw anything as long as she has her loving husband by her side because she knew that together they could handel anything since she knew that true love was stronger than anything.

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