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(Briana Beals)
23 / Female / Single
Texas - United States
I am girl with skin condition I develop during my childhood and born disabled with spina bifida. So my life has been unpleasant rollercoaster ride since I been born, I try my hardest to be happy in life but I would be lying if I said I'm okay because I'm not all the time.

I wish could get married and have kids one day but I doubt I could find anyone to make that happened because this generation his so disturbing...

So I got into amines and stuff, my favorite anime game is Mystic Messager. 707 is my other dimension first love.

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Q. Did you know you can change your profile background and colors by going here?
A. No,that's pretty cool though.
 Jul 15th 2018 16:30

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Not much just hanging out how are you ?
Jul 17th 2018 05:49

Hey whats up ?
Jul 16th 2018 16:27