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29 / Male / Single
Bronx, New York - United States
Well I'm Brandon If you haven't noticed lol in my Username well i'm a down to earth Person once you get to talk to me and well Music is a Big part of my life i jam to music and make Music like almost every day but yeah i'm a Music Producer and also Dj if you wanna check out my Music Check it out i Make EDM Music with other Genres in the Mix ^_^ also Feel Free to talk to me and Ask me Stuff! haha ^_^ i'm Here to Make Friends and New People as well ^_^

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Latest Comments

Your background is totally sick, dude!
Feb 21st 2014 23:33

Thanks :) I'll really need it
Jan 28th 2014 13:51

I hope so too cuz I think I have my pre calculus final next /.
Jan 28th 2014 13:33

I already failed one final /.- I'm so behind in my work!
Jan 28th 2014 13:12

Finals >.<
Jan 28th 2014 13:07

Im good :D just a lil stressed out v.v
Jan 28th 2014 13:03

Haii c:
Jan 28th 2014 12:29