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(Dylan Kuester)
19 / Male / In Love
Wisconsin - United States
“I like the rain, for it hides the tears in my eyes...
...but it could never fill the hole in my heart.”
Feel free to hit me up; I’m a nice person. (Long as you don’t piss me off)

Things I like:
-the Walking Dead
-my family
-my friends
-video games

“Be prepared, or prepare to fail”. -Jim Kucan (grandfather)

Latest Questions

Q. heyy u ok
A. Nope.
 May 14th 2018 18:45

Latest Comments

Yeah? Sorry sometimes I close the tab and I don’t long out so it says I’m still online I think. Sorry
May 23rd 2018 23:11

Not trying to sound mean, but can you send another message in the messages thing so I can delete it and talk to you there? And how would you look into it?
May 4th 2018 11:16

Can you send another message, forgot to say you can’t say the F word without censoring it. I apologize
May 4th 2018 11:10