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19 / Female / Single and Looking
Hello there!

Let me quickly, introcude myself.
My name's Laura, a 19 years old girl, from The Netherlands.
I'm in college, following a study to become an architect (I know, really not girl like! :o)

Else then that, I'm pretty fun to talk with when you get to know me, but before all that it'll be kinda awkward... I'm not all too good in texting alot, or talking about myself... I've a rough time (behind me)... Please forgive me for that!

If you feel like, you want to know me better then this bio, don't be afraid to give me a friend request.. I'm atleast, giving you a chance to try on me! Whenever you f*** it up badly, you'll eventually get removed as friend, with a reason send to you, so no wirries.. I'm not a (total) monster!

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Q. Did you know you can change your profile background and colors by going here?
A. I did, but thank you so much for the tip!
 Dec 5th 2018 17:56

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Hey whats up ?
Dec 7th 2018 15:08