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(Diana Morgan)
51 / Female / Its Complicated
Heber Springs, Arkansas - United States
Name: Diana Morgan

Nickname: Dee Dee

Age: 51

Birthday: March 17th, 1971

Style: Goth

Religion: Pagan who is psychic and an empath

Sexual Pref: Bi-sexual but leans more towards men

Hobbies: singing, writing poetry

Favorite things to do: Play online mmorpg games, make people laugh.

Interests: Anything supernatural, Anime, Creepy Pasta, Manga, Asians.

Favorite music: Goth, Vampiric, Visual Kei, Rock, Heavy Metal, Asian Rock, Asian Pop, Punk, Cyber-Goth, 80's hairband, 80's rock, 80's goth, 80's industrial,80's punk, 80's metal, Industrial, Dubstep, Trance, Techno,Darkwave, Synth, Aggro tech, Nightcore, Nightstep.

Things I hate: liars, cheaters, backstabbers, abusive women and men, drama llamas, christians who shove their religion down your throat.

Will only accept 18+

In search of REAL vampires. Not people who claim to be one and then I find out they are not. I know for a fact they exist due mainly to a recurring dream I used to have, plus the fact I have been one in just about every past life I've had. Also, searching for other fellow Witches. Pagans, Goths and Asians(I love Visual Kei guys).

My Favorite vampires are Lestat de Lioncourt, Armand and Vladimir Tepes.

Currently living in Heber Springs, Arkansas and hoping to get to Slidell, Louisiana soon.
Also, as soon as I am in Louisiana I plan to become a ghost hunter with a youtube channel for it only. Also plan to become a famous tiktok creator.

I also love creating blingees. I made the blingees(the backgrounds) for my homepage and my profile.

My past life names that I DO remember:
Lilith Serne Avante
Isabolle Tannis aka Bella Tepes
Krystellena Ouspenskaya
Angel Cain
Gabriella Caesar

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