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Latest Questions

Q. How's ur weekend?
A. Eh
 Nov 12th 2016 15:26

Q. If you had to choose one person on this website to be with, who would it be? It has to be someone on this website, so not your girlfriend.
A. Hmm... I'd have to go with @KaseyIsInLove...
 Mar 17th 2016 21:40

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I'm sowy, I back!
Mar 29th 2017 03:27

Jun 5th 2016 15:24

Your eyes put me in a trance.
Jun 3rd 2016 08:34

Apr 28th 2016 22:17

I see that ^^
Apr 28th 2016 07:05

Apr 9th 2016 19:05

Attention to everyone who visits this account! Hello! My name is Turtle! I am here to say that anyone who hurts the owner of this account will be killed. If you hurt my Frisk, I will kill you. That is all. Bye bye. :)
Mar 7th 2016 00:34

Forever And Always Baby
Mar 2nd 2016 10:43

just TRY to f*ck with me when im bitchy c:

//unrelated to anything
Feb 24th 2016 23:59

Thank you for the comment sweetheart
Feb 24th 2016 10:49