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36 / Male / Single
Pearl River, New York - United States
Welcome to my page! My name is Frank, and this is my store page. I don't have a personal one,because I'm usually not on enough. I create sound and video systems here for your car, and Smart Home Systems. I have the understanding and concern for your needs and budget. Give me a question, and I will do my best to answer it. It's Great to do what you love and I have been doing it since I was 15. So don't hesitate, get to know me as a friend you can trust in the business for straight answers and solutions for your needs. PS: If you are interested in learning what we do here, I am willing to teach people as young as 15. Please contact me for details.

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I'm board! I hope you stay away from C19 and come back soon.
Mar 22nd 2020 10:16

Hi, and Thank you. Please tell me more about the job
Oct 5th 2019 12:50

How are you?
Oct 5th 2019 11:24

Hello! :)
Oct 1st 2019 21:10

Hi thanks for excepting my request have a wonderful and very blessed day :-)
Apr 5th 2014 15:30