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(Tacitus Kilgore)
20 / Male / Single
Well well well. What do I need to put here? Not too much, or else there would be no reason for you to talk to me.
... Not like there's any reason at all, but still.

So I guess you gotta have to shoot me.
.. A message, I mean. Shoot me a message-
I have auto-accept enabled, anyway. Sooo. Hmm. I'm a gamer, what a surprise. I'm also a roleplayer. Very experienced, there's barely anything that can surprise me anymore, to be honest.
As for my personality, I'm just as open as can be. I'm a nudist. You got any questions, deep ones, sexual ones, go ahead. This guy knows no shame, really. Doodles-

Reachable on the following social media:

Kik: Serotherapy

Side note: I HATE Kpop.

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Letting everyone publicly know you have depression doesn't gain you pity or attention.
Letting everyone know you have cancer or any sort of illness doesn't gain you anything either. Just sayin'.
0  Jun 22nd 2019 10:50

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