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(Solario Frost)
16 / Male / Single
Florida - United States

I'm Sol, welcome to my corner of the universe! Sol is short for Solario.

Don't worry, I don't bite too hard..
(As long as you don't anger I won't bite too hard)

Some things about me:

Likes: singing, messing with people, and Wolves

Dislikes: bullies, hugs, cuddles, kisses

*Scratches behind ear* sorry, mosquito bit me.. back to the facts!
Wait.. that's it... Oh well!

Shh... I love nekos!

You friend me, you talk first
I friend you, I talk first

That's my only rule besides don't hate me, don't leave me cause I haven't replied (life gets in the way), and don't be a bullie!

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Q. Did you know you can change your profile background and colors by going here?
A. Yes, I did
 Jan 21st 2019 23:02

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