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(Unicorn Princess)
25 / Female / Forever Alone
Portland, Oregon - United States
I think I'm a unicorn :o that has to be a good thing right?♥ ^.^

Latest Questions

will asked the question
Q. will u check ur messages
A. I just did :p
 May 16th 2014 02:33

Q. Why do you have forever alone if your planing on being with someone? -_- eh dime aver!
A. The answer is simple. It's my profile and I put whatever I want on it.
 Apr 8th 2014 18:39

Latest Comments

Nov 5th 2014 01:38

So you know the feeling?
Nov 4th 2014 23:59

It will be fine, just a little sore. I didn't even feel the prick *that's what she said*
Nov 4th 2014 23:53

I'm feeling pretty good, I had a flu shot so my arm aches a little, but otherwise ok.
Do you normally get stomache aches and they go away or is this really unusual?
Nov 4th 2014 23:44

Gosh, why is that?
Nov 4th 2014 23:31

Hi there beautiful how's yourself?
Nov 4th 2014 16:28

Thanks friend ;)
Nov 4th 2014 04:45

Hey Day Day
Sep 11th 2014 17:21

Boo :* I miss you
Sep 10th 2014 17:15

I been good. Just been here and there. What about you?
Aug 6th 2014 20:22