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14 / Female / In a Relationship
Tennessee - United States
I’m into mostly rock music but I do like other types. I can be very shy but sometimes outgoing. I love to bake I will cook but I enjoy baking far more. I draw an write, I also am a very active person.

I post my drawing in this website an also in another I have the same name feel free to contact me on either. If you plan to use any of my drawings please give me the credit on my work.

I have always loved animals an for some reason they all love me I own two dogs Bucky an Teddy. I’m usally in here more often at night mostly because it’s really hard to sleep. So you can usally find me on around then more often then during the day.

Latest Comments

Oh nice what color ? and just got lunch Earlier thats about It
Jul 21st 2018 16:13

Im good thanks what you doing today ?
Jul 21st 2018 05:59

Not much just hanging out how are you ?
Jul 20th 2018 05:52

Hey whats up ?
Jul 19th 2018 05:54