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33 / Female / In a Relationship
Massachusetts - United States
Hi, there everyone. You all may just call me Strawberry. I love strawberries of course, rabbits, and Anime. I support LGBT rights too. Everyone has the right to be who they are and be in love with whomever makes them happy no matter what gender. I'm kind of bisexual myself and have a sure attraction to females. So that is all. Well have a nice day! ^.^

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heh thanks. I love making new friends so its no problem :P
Sep 29th 2016 06:10

Aww thanks! I like yours to :)
Apr 21st 2015 16:33

Hello and no problem :)
Apr 20th 2015 17:56

yup :)
Sep 9th 2014 00:26

But at least it better than nothing
Aug 16th 2014 23:36

i could be better.
Aug 14th 2014 22:48

how are you?
Aug 14th 2014 15:10

Aug 12th 2014 11:00

It got pretty boring
Apr 25th 2014 13:32

Not Much How Are You
Apr 25th 2014 07:33