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(Eiko Takami)
14 / Female / Single and Looking
Nunya, Texas - United States
I'm just that weeb. I need a soft cuddly baby to love me. I listen to Yagami Yato and watch Bnha And Inuyasha. My man babes are Keigo Takami (Hawks) Shinsou Hitoshi Touya Todoroki (Dabi) Shigaraki Tomura (Tenko) Shota Aizawa Bakugou Katsuki Denki Kaminari Villain Deku and like everyone else in Bnha. I'm bisexual and I am a cancer I'm very quirky and odd so don't mind me. I want someone to love me and make me flustered.

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Hey what's up ?
Sep 20th 2020 17:15