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(Princess Lilith Serne Camui)
47 / Female / Single
I am a pretty quiet person. I don't tell much info about myself unless I know you really well. Yes my status says single, but it does not say looking because there is only one man in this entire world that I love with all of my heart and soul. Even if he does not know me personally I hope that one day we will meet and if not that is okay because my love for him is unconditional and will last for all eternity. His name is Gackt Camui and he stole my heart the very minute I heard his voice and looked into his eyes while watching his music videos on Youtube. Yes he is famous so please feel free to watch his videos and like/subscribe.
Also, before you accuse me of being OBSESSED with him, this is NOT obsession. This is PURE love and true loyalty to a man who, without knowing it, captured my heart as his own. I feel as if we are soul mates and I have never felt this deep of love for any man.

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Hey whats up ?
Nov 29th 2018 05:51