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(Angel David)
38 / Male / Forever Alone
Oxnard, California - United States
Weird Fun Sense Of Humor. Retired artist, loves to draw, comic books, anime and manga as well as hentai, the supernatural and believes in UFOs and if you want to know more, feel free to ask, I am what people call a Open Book. Im more on Facebook and Instagram. and looking for someone to love.

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I have to message u it
Jul 12th 2019 23:44

Jul 12th 2019 15:02

would u like my twitter
Jul 11th 2019 21:21

do u have twitter
Jul 10th 2019 21:33

No prob. It's nice to meet you. I'm Tokki
Sep 17th 2014 12:19

family guy (:
Mar 24th 2014 00:13

watching tv, super aburida.
Mar 24th 2014 00:01

muy bien y tu
Mar 23rd 2014 23:58

okie dokie.
Mar 23rd 2014 23:54

not yet lol
Mar 23rd 2014 15:31