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28 / Male / Single
San Jose, California - United States
I'm about that food life.

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hey whats up i seriously for got i had this account until i got a email about this account getting off lol
Jan 28th 2018 16:06

Hey c:
May 10th 2014 08:56

Shattered. You?
Mar 19th 2014 11:11

Hi c:
Mar 18th 2014 23:11

Hello, ^_^
Mar 18th 2014 20:21

I'm fine, how are you? (:
Feb 27th 2014 23:16

Hey c: I'm great and you?
Feb 27th 2014 15:31

Tired haha. I have a headache. How are you?
Feb 27th 2014 00:18

Aweee ^.^ Good, I'm great. Listening to music doesn't get better than that. I'mCynnamon btw, nice to meet you!
Feb 26th 2014 23:12

Heeeelllooo. (:
Feb 26th 2014 22:53