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(Alexandra Sanders)
28 / Female / Forever Alone
The Goddess Lillith knows, United Kingdom
First off, I use Friendproject & Facebook more:

I'll keep this simple as I rarely use this. My name is Alexa. (that's shortened). Born in Spain, live in England, heart is in America.
Oldest of four siblings. No longer any parents. Mother of one.
Single and proud.
Wiccan. Respect that and I will respect you.
I'm blunt and come off as a bitch. In reality I'm just honest, and forth right.
Speak 5 languages.
College and university graduate. Now an apprentice tattooist.

Want to know more? Add me on my other accounts. I'm not likely to reply on here.

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Hi Alexa Whats Up :)
Aug 10th 2014 06:18