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(Lilith Serne Avante)
51 / Female / Its Complicated
In a one horse town, Arkansas - United States
Name: Lilith Serne Avante
Title: Princess of Hell
Occupation: None at the moment
Religion: Celtic Pagan
Abilities: Empath and Psychic
Human Age: 50
Immortal Age: Over 5000 (I've had several past lives)
Interests: Gaming, singing, writing poetry

Family members:
My number one uncle: Lucifer
My Father: Lord Ardrid Avante
My Mother: Lillith of Eden/Nod
My Brothers: Prince Mordrid Avante and Prince Corvin Avante
My half sister: Jezza (by Mother and Cain)
My cousin: Raven (Uncle Samael's daughter)
My cousin: The Antichrist

Little side note: I created the background pics for my profile and my homepage using blingee.

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Hey what's up ?
Jul 26th 2021 06:26