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(Amena Barakat)
16 / Female / Single
London, Ontario, Canada
Hello! Just trying to get used to this at the moment but here's a bit of random info/things you should know-

My name's Amena, Though I do enjoy talking to others it can take time for me to respond as I can get quite nervous even though it might just be over message and even if you're the friendliest person in the world. So if you're someone who needs a response every few minutes I might not be the best to talk to as I can't reach those requirements.

I'd also appreciate it if the first thing you say to me isn't some random inappropriate comment or something to do with appearance. It doesn't rub me the right way and for some reason I tend to get those types of things a lot, I'm sorry but those things just don't interest me at all.

Aside from that stuff- please feel free to message me whether it just be to say a quick hello, talk about your day/interests or ask for help and advice, either way I'd love to talk to you and I'll always try my best to understand a situation. ^^

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