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(Skylar Wanke)
27 / Male / Married
Noneya, Wyoming - United States
My name's Skylar and I'm married to an amazing, adorable dork who also happens to be my best friend :) I'm pretty geeky and rather awkward at times, but I like to think I'm pretty easy going. If you are so obliged, talk to me?

Latest Comments

Thank you, nice to hear from you! How are things?
Feb 7th 2014 23:03

yu never done roleplay before?! Wow!! okay then..drama for me is like i wanna shoot myself or cry...
Feb 7th 2014 22:40

I'm new as well. Just joined like an hour ago haha.
Feb 7th 2014 22:34

heck i guess...just dealing with Bullshit on Roleplay..if u do know what that is rite?! :o
Feb 7th 2014 22:23

Oh no problem :) hope your nite is going well too..
Feb 7th 2014 22:20

That's good :)
Feb 7th 2014 20:45

Yeah? I know he is.<3
Feb 7th 2014 20:41

Your welcome and my night is going good :) how is your night going?
Feb 7th 2014 20:37

My night,is going pretty well brotha. Hope yours is as well.
Feb 7th 2014 20:36