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19 / Male / Single
Zoetermeer, California - Netherlands

Um my real name is Jayrhone.
But you can call me -whatever-, I don't like my real name anyway

i'm here to find friends because I'm a lonely boy, I don't have any real friends
but may that change someday. -Lets hope.

I'm a really socially awkward person, so bear with me.
I have ADHD- meaning I'm really busy in my head and outside, but also super shy so they don't really work with each other.

If somehow you are still interested, then hi

My hobbies consist of: Music, Reading, Gaming, walks, Writing, Thinking?
hmm idk.
I like listening to people talk and if I get started I can talk way too much about nothing it's stupid.

idk what else to say i don't like talking about myself, makes me sound all posh or something, also I'm just really bad at it. that's mostly why to be honest

Well I'll just end it there, If you wanna chat then yay

Also i Love Cats

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