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16 / Other / Single and Looking
California - United States
Hi, I'm Devan! I'm a 15 year old trans boy. (FtM) I'd love to make friends and get to know people.

I'm home schooled so I am often around, Only reasons I probaly won't answer is, Season three of Riverdale got added to netflix, Art, Forced to go out, or asleep.

A few random fun facts!:

I'm a little (DDLB)

I'm a Kitten (Pet play)

I am more attracted to older people (one year older or older)

I am not a great artist but aim to get better

I have a cat, she's a orange tabby and twelve years old.

I love stuffed animals

I love to paint and draw

Things that are to great!:

I have insomnia

I am anorexic

I have self harming issues

I'm suicidal

I hear voices in my head sometimes

Other plat forms I am on!: : (Still working on my account) (Same as

Deviantart: Badboiartist (Hit watch and I will hit watch back!~ Just leave a comment on my profile letting me know)

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