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(The Mighty Carrot )
30 / Female / Forever Alone
Pissing people off and getting on their nerves, Texas - United States
Before starting on my profile if you're over 45 years old or you look like a creep. I will not add you! Also please keep in mind people if you're not over 18 I will not add you back!

So you're probably like this is the most laziest profile I ever seen in my life. No I don't think that is the case because why should I copy and paste everything if I already typed everything out on a completed profile? I'm pretty much sure most members on here heard of FriendProject.

Why do people wrongly judge people? I forget nobody chooses to see the exposed shell parts of the prototype. People just look what is there in front of them. If no good you must be recycled. What a dire shame. My Snapchat is beelzebubpants

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