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OK GO albums

If you do know who OK GO are, then you're a legend. If not, look them up after after reading this. I've been looking for an album from their band. I hadn't found one until today. I was in the rock part of the cd area at the used video game store. I was browsing through the o section until I saw an album. It said Oh No so I turned on my iPod touch to see what the name of the OK GO album I was listening to is called. It was Oh No so I looked for more albums from OK GO. I saw that there was also the album OK GO and Of The Blue Colour Of The Sky. Those are the 1st and 3rd albums. I couldn't find the 4th album which is Hungry Ghosts so I need to ask my parents to get it online or look for it at a store. I put a picture here for proof. Let me know if you knew about OK GO before this blog and before I put them on my MySpace music. Bye!
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Preolympic soccer game

I'm watching the preolympic soccer game. Mexico and Honduras are tied 1-1 and are going to penalties after 112 minutes. This is the longest soccer game I've ever seen. I let my mom use my phone to stream the game for free since our cable company won't show it with my package. Mexico is scoring well so even if Hondoras fills the scoreboard with points, Mexico will still win by filling all their points on the scoreboard that shows up on tv.

Later: The game ended and Mexico won in the penalty kicks. I can't wait for the next soccer game. Bye!
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Hey Guys

I don't know what to post. Tell me what to post and subscribe to my youtube channel.
It's at:
I also got 200 fwiends on MySpace in windows 93. Here is my profile:
Also subscribe to Redzilla Studios. That's the YouTube channel of my friend William. Yes I know that he's more famous than me. I wish I had as many subscribers as him but that's why I need you guys to tell me what the best YouTube video idea is so I can become famous. Please send me ideas. Bye!
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Parents fight 4 custody of baby

Parenting may be an easy task for the majority of grown ups. But what if I told you it wasn't for these 4 friends in my class who fight over the custody of a simulation baby with a sensor that helps it react just like a normal baby would. They argued as they cared for the needy child. I sat there watching it all.
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Subscribe to my YouTube channel

Subscribe to Mercedes Powers on YouTube and subscribe to William's YouTube channel, Redzilla Studios. Also, congratulate William on having his channel for 3 years as of today
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