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(Viktoria Nikiforov)
22 / Female / Single
Viktoria Nikiforov is a figure skater, coach and choreographer. Viktoria is considered a living legend in women's singles figure skating. She's won five consecutive World Championships, five straight Grand Prix Finals, and numerous European championships. By the age of 16, she was already at the top of the figure skating world, under the guidance of her coach Yakov Feltsman. Viktoria's home rink is in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Due to the fact that she's from Russia, she does have an accent. It's a very cute accent, and people seems to like it.

Viktoria is a beautiful woman with long gray hair with bangs that cover her left eye. She has light blue-green eyes. During competition warm-ups, Viktoria wears a white and red runner jacket over her costume. Viktoria's casual practice outfit consists of a black T-shirt and grey jogging pants. Viktoria is fond of wearing trench coats over her outfits when in cold places. She owns several in various colours, including beige, brown, and slate blue. As a junior skater, she usually wore her hair in a ponytail when skating.

Viktoria has the captivating kind of celebrity charisma and is naturally flirtatious. Her well-known strength is her penchant for breathtaking new creations and surprising her audience. Though she pushes herself and is constantly trying to better her skills, she likes doing things at her own pace and in other areas is generally an easygoing, free-spirited young woman who doesn't really take well to orders.

She's very self-aware, knowing what she can and can't pull off and exactly what she has to do in order to play best to the audience. This adds to her charisma in that she knows precisely how to charm people with what she has. That said, she's also sensitive about her appearance, even her hairline.

Being a nigh-imperturbable woman in perfect control of herself, even when losing her temper, Victor is well-adapted to navigating the positive side of the emotional spectrum. However, she's not very good at managing others' emotional distress, and while she can be serious if she needs to be she's blunt to the point of being tactless. This makes her a bad person to cry in front of, as she's awkward at best and insensitive at worst.

Even though she mostly exhibits a childlike and almost flippant demeanor, her core does emerge every so often: a wildflower, beautifully soft but determinedly hardy. Though this side of her only gets a peek when she talks to close ones regarding more philosophical topics, it's very at home on the ice.

At first she can be very c*cky, but it all changes once you truly get to know her. She's only like that to defend herself, it's a way for her to make sure no one can hurt her.

Viktoria is shown to have a very high level of skill in landing difficult jumps. Her signature move is the quadruple flip, and she has been shown to be able to cleanly land three more quads. As such, she is able to do at least four out of the five currently ratified quads. She's also able to do a triple axel with a back counter entrance, and a quad toe-triple toe combination right at the end of her program. Given that she can land all these quads, Viktoria would be able to land their triple counterparts as well. Viktoria doesn't have very good stamina, as such arranging her more difficult (and therefore more fatiguing) jumps early on in her performances, relying on her presentation score to make up for the absence of the 1.1 multiplier in the second half.

Viktoria is shown to be at least an adequate choreographer, as she choreographed 'Stay Close to Me', and 'On Love: Eros and Agape', all of them being winning performances.

Makkachin is Viktoria's beloved pet poodle and constant companion. Viktoria is very fond of Makkachin, bringing Makkachin from Russia to Japan, and then later back to Russia. Viktoria's love for Makkachin is truly shown when she returns to Japan to oversee Makkachin's operation after the latter choked on some sticky buns.

Yakov is Viktoria's current coach. Viktoria refers to Yakov as Coach Yakov, even after leaving Yakov's guidance, and Yakov calls Viktoria by the diminutive Vitya. Yakov is most of the time angry with Viktoria, as Viktoria tends to be disobedient to Yakov's instructions. Yakov is upset when Viktoria chooses to leave Russia to Japan, believing that the latter would not be a very good coach. During the Barcelona GPF free skate, Viktoria expresses her wish to return to competitive skating, most likely under Yakov's guidance.

Romance, ice skating, flirting, dogs, wolfs, most animals, vampires, the color red.

(Just because you don't see your favorite, don't worry! This is only a few of the things I like, I only put my favorite likes here. Be free to ask me if you're unsure, I'm not someone who judges. But know, I may not like it myself.)

Vore, gore, diapers, death, feet play, underage play, sharks, toilet play, being used because of her fame.

(I may add more here later.)

||. OOC: I'm not from Russia, my character is. I don't understand Russian.

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