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13 / Female / Forever Alone
United States
→ Dark music.
→ Danganronpa.
→ Anime.
→ Video games.
→ Writing.
→ Roleplaying.
→ Japanese culture.
→ Psychology.

Greetings, you can call me Static.
I'm a twelve year old girl with some messed up thoughts and ideas, I love writing and roleplaying, I came here from RolePlay.Me. I don't share much about myself online, not open to meeting up in real life, and I'm usually here when I am extremely bored.

I love Danganronpa, and a lot of it's characters, especially Taeko Yasuhiro/Celestia Ludenberg! She is my most favorite character over all the others! I actually started roleplaying her before any other characters! Even before my own! But, yeah...I'm obsessed with her. Lol.

Anyway, thank you for reading a bit about me! ^^

-〖【---HOW I USE THINGS---】〗-
→ My blog is for all KINDS of things!
→ My photos is for ocs, and my cats. :3
→ My profile is for information about me.
→ My status updates are for random stuff.