Victoria Rose Gold's Information

Name: Victoria Rose Gold (Nick names Princess/Tori or Vicky )

Species: Human

Gender: female

Height: three feet zero inches

Weight: 9 pounds

Sexuality: N/A

Sub or Dom: very submissive.

Favorite food: Her formula or warm milk (occasionally tea)

Age: 2

Birthday: 10/31

Eye color: Ocean Blue

Hair Color: Dark Brown/Red/ chestnut.

Likes: cuddling, TV, anything to do with princess and Disney, playing with friends, spending time with her papa and family, coloring, being red to, songs, traveling, Animals, bath time.

Dislikes: Diaper changes (she's despises them) diaper checks, naps, Hospitals, being told no, Medicine, shots.

Personality: Very very, sweet little girl who loves to spend time with her papa, friends and her family. Loves to play and explore new things, loves to learn. Is very easy going unless you piss her off or she is having a bad day, then she can be a little brat/ Devil.

Appearance: Very small, frail little girl who can be seen in very cute baby outfits which are mostly onesies or dresses. Occasionally she just wears a cute t-shirt and a diaper. Can always be found with her favorite stuffed animal and blanket with a binky in her mouth.

Disability's/ illnesses: Victoria is parlized from the waist down, has epilepsy, a very frail immune system, is completely incontinent has poilo and cerebral palsy.

Size: Very small little girl. Looks like she's one or younger.
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