My Fandoms

{ Hello loves! I just wanted to pop on and say even though ONCE UPON A TIME is my /main/ fandom I also have other shows/ movies that I enjoy here is a list of them.

1: Star Gate Universe: In this Fandom my favorite character is Dr. Nicholas Rush played by Robert Carlyle. In this story line Victoria or my other OC Alexzandra will be his daughter she is also special like Victoria but is four years old. Even though she mostly hangs out on the Destiny with him, she also lives at their home and occasionally goes with him to his other job at the University.

2: Hasmish Macbeth: I'm not sure many people will know this show since it is kind of old. But it also stars Robert Carlyle. Hamish Macbeth is a cop in the small town of Glads Glow in Scottland. For this one I usually play Victoria but sometimes I will use Alexzandra. Victoria or Alex usually travel around with him when he does his rounds since there isn't much crime in the small town. Or she will stay back with Hasmish' s good friend and occasional partner TV John and their little dog Wee Jock.

3: The Legend Of Barney Thomson: Now I know this movie is well known for it was very popular for a long time. This one I use Alexzandra who is,very close to her papa and goes with him to the Barber shop all the time, while he works she stays in the back room which is her own little personal room where she plays with her toys or watches TV.

4: Last but not Least is Harry Potter. Now this one I kind of made up my own storyline where Mr. Gold/ Rumplestiltskin becomes a Proffessor at Hogwarts School Of Witch Craft and Wizardry. Victoria goes with him and even though she is not a student she loves to visit with her uncle Shape in his classroom or she hangs out with her cousin Draco if she is not with her papa in his class which could be either Defence against the Dark arts or Potions. This is a AU version Of Once and Harry Potter combined which I am quite proud of.:)

That's it for now if I come up with anything else I will add it and let y'all know!
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