{ so I figured I would get this out of the way now, I don't have many rules but I do have a few.

1. NO BASHING OR BULLING ON MY PAGE!! This one is a big one, I play Victoria the way I do for personal reasons and reasons that I mention in my Bio, I do not tolerate any hate on my page, people have reasons why they have Oc's and reasons why they play them how they do. If people don't like the way I write or how I play my character that's fine, you don't have to write or talk to me, but PLEASE don't send me hate mail or be rude to me. If people are rude or decide to bash me, I will tell them to stop nicely to stop once, If they don't then I will unfriend you!

2: If you would like to Role-play with me or talk about a plot, then please respect my character for who she is. As stated above I have my reasons for portraying Victoria/Tori the way I do so Please don't ask me to change how I play her because I won't. If something I do makes my partner uncomfortable, Please tell me and we can talk about it and I will be willing to change things around for the comfort of that person, I do not mind at all changing Victoria's story around for the most part but PLEASE talk to me about it first.

3: My main Fandom is ONCE UPON A TIME that being said I /usually / don't stray from my fandom but I am more than happy to do crossovers with people. The only thing is that Victoria is Rumple's daughter and I don't usually accept anyone else for her parent but occasionally I can be flexible depending on the role play and if my partner knows OUAT.

4: Because my main Fandom is ONCE I prefer that people know the show, before doing a ONCE thread with me. You don't have to be a expert on the show or see all the episodes just know what it is about for it is kind of hard to explain.:)

5: I am mostly a para/ novilla writer but am also happy to do One liners or semi-para I want all of us to have fun so I can be very flexible if the situation calls for it.

6: Role play is supposed to be fun usually it is something that people do to get away from their every lives. So please no drama unless it's in the thread! If anyone has a problem with how I do things then please talk to me about it and we can work it out.

7: I happen to be a very litterite Writer and I only do third person I don't like first person threads. I also don't like doing In real life Role plays I prefer doing fandom's.

8: Victoria is a baby and a disabled, frail one at that so PLEASE DO NOT ask to be in a romantic relationship with her because my anwser WILL BE NO! If you ask I will tell you no nicely the first time but if you keep pestering me to to a romantic relationship with her or age her up so we can do one I will defriend you.

9: If you decide that you want to drop a thread or don't wish to write with me Please tell me so I am not waiting for a reply for a long time. I think it is just rude when people just drop threads and not tell their writing partner I think communication is /VERY/ important when you are talking or Role-playing with someone. :)

10: Last But not least LET'S HAVE FUN AND ROLEPLAY!!

(May update if I think of anything more :)
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