Curtain Call (Part 1: Autumn)

Tuesday, October 30th, 20XX

"LUKAAAAAAAA. We're gonna be late." I glared at the pinkette from where I was lying, curled around a pillow on her bed. "Dex is gonna be sad that you're missing this. He called you the guest of honor."
"Don't be silly, Meiko- Miki is the guest of honor. He's got an obvious crush on her." Luka chuckled to herself softly and finished putting on her earring. "I still don't understand why you got your ears pierced a bunch of times...are you just being a rebel, or what?" She pointed to my ears. I had standard lobe piercings, but I also had two small silver rings on the top of each ear.
"I dunno, I just wanted the rings. Piercings that I DECIDED to get." I shivered slightly, although the room was anything but cold. Luka and I both knew what the silver orb earrings were for. She had them too. A mark of ownership from out 'masters', back when we were 6. Neither of us wanted to remember what we had gone through. At least we went through it together...
Luka's voice cut through my thoughts. "Meiiiiiii. Get up, c'mon. You'll be the one making us late otherwise!" She took my arm and pulled me off the bed and began to walk out of the room. Walking by her side, I always felt a little safer. After all, we helped each other escape that place...the place where HE was...
I shuddered and pushed the thoughts from my mind. I was going to have fun at this party, and nothing was going to ruin it. I smiled at Luka, taking her hand in mine and intertwining our fingers. She looked so pretty in her pink shirt and dark purple skirt...and there was me, standing next to her, with a maroon long sleeved shirt that went past my waist and the black leggings that I'd been wearing all day. The party didn't need to be fancy, but I felt a bit weird dressed like this. Oh, nicer clothes needed to be washed still.
We got to the backyard in no time. The party had already started- Piko had gotten his MP3 player hooked up and was dancing with SeeU, Daina, and Miki. Dex and Kaito were setting up a table for food, and Gakupo was helping Flower grill the burgers and hot dogs.
Luka walked over to join the group who was dancing, and I went to help Dex. We soon got the table set up, and Flower called out that the food was ready. Gakupo started serving up burgers and Flower served the hot dogs. Kaito brought out a bowl of potato chips and a bowl of cheese balls, and Dex brought out salad and dressing. I got the condiments- ketchup, mustard, mayo, and relish. We all sat in a group on the lawn and ate, went back for seconds, and then lay in the grass just talking.
About an hour after everyone was done eating, the food was taken back inside for the next day's dinner of leftovers. Daina brought out graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate, while SeeU brought out skewers. Miki, Piko, Luka and I went looking for sticks and small branches, and we built a small fire in the portable fire pit. Dex and Gakupo brought out a few chairs, and we roasted marshmallows over the fire and made s'mores. Piko turned the music back on and I started dancing with the others, messing around and having fun. It started to get dark, so we brought everything back in.
Luka stood by me in the hallway before we went to our rooms. "I had fun tonight, Mei...Thanks for coming to the party with me." Then, with everyone else watching from the living room, she kissed me on the cheek and dashed off. I felt my face grow hot with blush, and smiled dorkily.
{I love you...} I thought. Walking upstairs, I changed into my casual pajamas- a long T-shirt and athletic shorts. Joining everyone else outside the bathroom, waiting to brush our teeth, I noticed how differently we dressed for bed. Luka wore a long, short-sleeved nightgown. Kaito wore a white T-shirt and sweatpants. Gakupo wore a tank top and boxers. Piko wore a tank top and athletic shorts. SeeU wore a shorter nightgown than Luka, as well as Miki. Dex wore a tank top and sweatpants, as did Daina. Flower wore a sports bra and athletic shorts.
Once we had brushed out teeth, Luka and I were alone in the hallway. I took her right hand and felt her grip my left one. Our fingers intertwined and we pulled each other closer, closer until our lips touched.
I felt a warm sensation running through me, of softness and comfort and trust- of love. Pulling back from the kiss, I felt my face grow hot again and saw that Luka's face was redder than an apple.
"Love you, Lulu," I said softly. I went into my room and left the door cracked open, then put my toothbrush away and flopped onto my bed. I curled up under the sheets and closed my eyes happily- it had been one of the best days of my life. And tomorrow was Halloween! Although some people considered it childish, all of us still enjoyed dressing up and going out to get candy. We even competed in costume contests and won sometimes.
{Yes, tomorrow will be fun...}
My mind went blank and I drifted off to sleep with that being my last thought.
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