Curtain Call (Part 2)

—Wednesday, October 31st, 20XX—


I felt sunlight shine into my room, and the next thing I knew my eyes were opening. "Mew..." I sighed softly, hearing the cat ears unfold on top of my head. Although I hadn't been altered too much, there was a fair amount of technology in my body. Sometimes I liked it, sometimes I wasn't sure about it, and sometimes it made me want to rip my hair out.But oh, well. I couldn't really do anything about it anyway, my manager had already done what she could.

Yawning softly, I stretched my arms above my head and relieved my limbs from stillness. Pulling back the covers and getting off the bed, I felt the coolness of the floorboards on my feet. I could see my reflection in the mirror on the other side of the room- my hair was tangled and messy, and my eyes half-closed still.

I had an average room, not too small or too large. It was about a square shape, with pale yellow walls, a white ceiling, and hardwood floors. The room originally had carpet, but I didn't want to have to vacuum anything so we had it pulled up. There wasn't much furniture either-just the bed, dresser, nightstand, and the small bookshelf. The dresser was in one corner of the room, facing the side wall and next to the window. On the other side of the window was the bookshelf, against the back wall. Next to the bookshelf was my bed, and the nightstand beside it. The window was covered by thin white curtains that Piko had helped me make, he was a surprisingly good sewer.

Thinking of the day's activities, I headed over to the dresser to choose my outfit. Today would be surprisingly average, considering it was Halloween. We all had school, as normal, and then we would go home for an early Curtain Call meeting. Asuka, who was one of our managers, was bringing pizza and we were having dinner together before "stealing" candy, as Gakupo called it.

"SeeU! You up yet?" Flower was knocking on my door, it seemed I had taken too long getting dressed.

"Yes, Flower! I'm almost ready!" I grabbed a hairbrush from my dresser and hurriedly brushed my hair, then tugged on my clothes and went out the door. Flower was standing in the hallway, her hair a mess as always. She was dressed in a grey T-shirt and ripped jeans, and her sneakers were untied. I sighed softly at her and went downstairs to join the others.

"Hey, See! How'd you sleep?" Piko called out to me. He was wearing a white button-down shirt and black pants. I was slightly surprised that he called me See, he didn't often use that nickname.

"I slept okay, how about you?" I smiled and took my lunch bag from the fridge, and we all began to walk to school together.

--7 hours later--

"See...Can I talk to you for a moment?" Piko looked at me nervously, then at the floor.

"Sure, what is it?" I blushed a bit. What I really wanted was for him to ask me out...although I was sure he was gay.

"I, um, I should have said this a while ago...I love you, See...I really want to date you..." He turned red and looked down.

"Piko..!! I love you too!!!" I hugged him tight. "I'll be your girlfriend...if you want...but, why would you want to date me? I thought you were gay..." I felt my face go red when the words were out of my mouth. What if he got offended?! He probably would...

"I'm bisexual," he said with a shrug. "But really, SeeU...I like you. A lot." He entwined his fingers with mine, and we began to leave the school building, happy with each other.

"Hey, SeeU! Piko! Wait up!" Miki and Dex called to us from the doors of the school building.

"Hey Dex! How's it going?" I called back to them, stopping to wait.

"Well, I um...Miki's my girlfriend now, so it's going pretty well." He blushed a bit and took Miki's hand, and she smiled brightly at him. The four of us joined into a group and started to walk back to our house.


Curtain Call started at 5:30 PM that evening, just as always. Today our managers were ordering pizza and we had all agreed to bring some candy, since it was Halloween. By the time I got there, everyone else had arrived. I could tell that everyone was split into couples- Meiko and Luka, Gakupo and Kaito, Daina and Flower, Dex and Miki, and Piko was on his own. I set my bag of Skittles on the candy table and sat down by Piko. At that moment, our managers Asuka and Hinata stood up and clapped to get our attention.

"Hi guys, good to see you again!" Asuka called happily. "We'll begin our evening of fun shortly, but first Hinata has an announcement."

"That's right, I have an important and shocking announcement. So hold onto your hearts." He took a deep breath and then smirked. "All of you are going on tour tomorrow. Well, starting tomorrow."

Dex fist-pumped. Flower growled a bit in protest, and Daina smiled. "None of us have ever gone on tour before, have we?" Miki asked.

"Exactly. Your first tour. Congratulations, everyone!" Hinata grinned, then gestured to the pizza table and the cooler full of canned drinks. "Now let's eat pizza and have some fun. Happy Halloween!" I got a slice of pepperoni pizza and sat down by Dex and Miki. We didn't have much to talk about, but Piko sat next to me and leaned on my shoulder. For some reason, I never noticed how thin he was.

"Piko, how much do you eat every day?" I asked him softly.

"Um...I...I don't know..." he murmured.

"Piko! You have to eat!!" I exclaimed. "Please...."

He shook his head. "I'm not hungry..." I felt myself start to tear up. I could honestly be so emotional sometimes.

"See...Don't cry..." he said quietly.

"I can't help it...Of course I'm going to cry if my boyfriend is anorexic!!" I stood up and ran out of the room before I started crying for real. My feet started to carry me towards the bathroom, but then I ran into someone.

"Hey, SeeU. You okay?" he asked softly.


"I...I need a hug..." I mumbled softly. In an instant I felt his arms wrap around me and I just leaned into him. He was always a good hugger, just like Piko...

"Did something happen between you and Piko?" he asked.

"Not really, but he's...he's anorexic..." I replied.

"Yeah, that...Miki and Daina have been trying to help him with that." Kaito smiled a bit and ruffled my hair. "Don't worry. He's eating more than he used to, so we're making progress."

I sniffled a bit and nodded. "I need to go rinse off my face." Standing up, I went into the bathroom and hid in a stall for about half an hour.
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