Curtain Call (Part 4)

-Friday, November 2nd, 20XX-


I wake up earlier than the others that morning. Already my mind is going, thinking about whatever happens.

People always say that I'm very observant. I suppose I am. I notice the patterns in nature, or in people. What grabs their attention, what they do in certain situations.

For example, everyone does something unique when telling a lie. Luka messes with her bracelet. Meiko avoids your eyes. SeeU twirls her hair, and Piko grips his clothing. Kaito looks at the ground. And me? I sound like I'm tearing up.

When we cry, it's different. Piko cries silently where he is, curling up into a ball. SeeU hugs something or someone, and Kaito does the same. Luka is usually doing the same thing as Piko when she cries. I try to find someone I trust. And Meiko...we almost never hear or see her cry. She hides when she's upset.

I pull myself out of the sleeping bag I'm in and step over or around the others. As I step over to the window, I see someone moving around in the kitchen. It's Piko. I decide to leave him alone and go outside. The door opens quietly and I slip out.

It's not quite daytime yet. The sun is just beginning to peek over the horizon, and the dew and shadows are on the ground everywhere.

A drop of water bounces down the leafy branches of a nearby tree. Nature has always seemed peaceful and comforting, different from the city I grew up in. Fewer people all over the place and fewer creeps hiding in alleys.

There's a trailhead beside a cluster of trees. I decide to follow it, and I see a small stream in the distance. As I get closer to it, I hear small splashes. When it comes into full view, however, I see that it's not a stream but a large pond. Sitting on the bank is someone I don't recognize at first. His hair is blond and messy, and bandages cover one of his eyes. He wears a tattered blue-and-white outfit with brown shorts as well as a sailor's hat. In his hand is a rock, and several worms are crawling on his arm. A yellow bird is eating them one by one.

"Hello," I say to him. He looks up, startled, and responds with a British accent.

"Hello, mister. If I remember correctly, your name is Gakupo?"

I nod. It's at that moment that I remember his name. Oliver. I'd seen his face on a Missing poster hanging in Hinata's office. I hadn't thought he knew me at all.

"Oliver, why are you out here?" I asked him.

"I dunno...ran away, I suppose. And...well..." He shivered, shaking his head. "I-It's not really important..." he sniffled.

"H-Hey, c'mere..." I patted his shoulder gently. I wasn't that good at comforting people...where was Kaito when you needed him?

I was pulled away from my thoughts, hearing a sob burst from Oliver's throat."Hey, hey, hey, it's okay!!" I cried, hugging him as best I could. I didn't know what was going on. Something must have happened to him...something bad...

Footsteps came through the trees and Asuka entered the area. "Gakupo, what's going on?" she asked.

"I don't know. Oliver was just sitting here and then..." I shrugged.

"Let's take him back with us," Asuka suggested. Oliver wiped his eyes and followed her to the RV. The others were slowly waking up, and SeeU was helping Kaito make breakfast. I looked over to the couch to see Luka curled up, her arms tightly wrapped around Meiko. Those two always seemed to stick together, as did SeeU and Piko...well, most of the time.

Soft footsteps came down the hall and a very tired-looking Piko entered the main area. "Morning, Piko," I said to him. "Did you sleep well?" I couldn't help but ask...despite the fact that the answer was obvious.

"It was okay enough, but I woke up earlier and had to get up for a while..." he replied. "Do we have coffee?" He rummaged in the kitchen cabinets for the coffee grounds, while Kaito and SeeU fought over whether there should be bacon.

I sighed and went back to the room I'd shared with Kaito, Piko and SeeU. My suitcase was lying against the bed, tightly closed. My clothes were rolled up in sets, one for each day, as well as a laundry bag for what ends up dirty. I choose a set at random, knowing I'll have to change for the first performance, and get dressed. The set I chose was a black shirt with a thundercloud on it, plus a pair of dark blue jeans. I look around the room to see what state it's in- the bed is made, and the two sleeping bags are rolled up and against the wall. It seems as though we're ready for a day on the road...our first performance is at 3 PM today.

My feet carry me back to the kitchen. Meiko is awake, rubbing her eyes and trying to subtly remove Luka's arms from around her torso. Like most of us, Meiko isn't exactly normal when she first wakes up.

My mother would say we are all too young to drink coffee, but we all do. It isn't so much the caffeine, but the unique taste that coffee has. There's just something about the taste that makes you want to drink a full cup after having a little sip...

"Gakupo! Want some breakfast?" SeeU calls to me.

"That's not a question, of course I do!!" I watch her put a strip of bacon and a bit of eggs on a plate, then hand it to Piko. He takes a seat on the floor and slowly eats it, his blue eyes tired and dull. I move my gaze over to Luka, who is awake now. She's sitting on the couch, brushing her long pink hair as Meiko folds up their blankets and stashes them under the little table.

I enjoy our little group. It's a sense of togetherness I never found at home. Here, it seems as though nothing can ever keep us apart. We're going to be friends for a long time.

I take the plate of bacon and eggs that SeeU offers me, then sit on the couch beside Luka to eat.
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