Curtain Call (Part 5)

-Saturday, November 3rd, 20XX-


I was awake at midnight, thinking. Yesterday's performance, the first one, had gone so surprised me, honestly.

I'd known this group for a while now- they all joined Curtain Call about 5 years ago. I got to know each of them quite well, learning about their lives and different aspects of their personalities.

There used to be ten of them, but now there's only six since Dex, Daina, Flower and Miki asked to leave. They had all wanted to pursue something different in their lives, deciding they didn't want to be involved in music as a career. The six that are left are always fun to be with, unless something bad happened. Each of their personalities is fairly unique in some way, it's always interesting to think about.

SeeU is the chill, fairly average girl of our group. She was experimented on when she was young, giving her some technology that's implanted into her body. She has mechanical cat ears on her head, they also serve as speakers somehow. The other technology is unknown, but it's interesting. She always seems to find fun in things, or otherwise get lost in her own thoughts. Her collection of facial expressions is always fun to watch.

Piko is a bit more frantic, but it could be due to what he's been through. He's quiet and clingy, mostly staying near SeeU. When he was younger, he was also experimented on, but his experiments failed terribly. He would have died, if the government hadn't found the facility he was held in and sent the experimented children to the hospital. He's got a lot of technology in his body, and it's partly keeping him alive. He's social, but in a quiet way. He'll be reading while sitting with a group or just laying there, eyes closed but awake.

Kaito's a sweetheart who's always looking for affection. Since his parents abused him, he hasn't had much experience with real love and affection, and he's desperate for some. Personally, I find his affectionate nature cute, but it can be annoying at times. He's also quite emotional and gets attached to things easily, but he's really sweet and caring. He's very attached to Gakupo, his boyfriend, always giving him cuddles or gently giving him a kiss. Honestly, I feel a bit bad for Kaito- always being so affectionate just so he's sure that he isn't hated.

Gakupo's fairly chill. He's extremely observant and notices a lot of things- habits and mannerisms, emotions, certain patterns in random things. He's also kind of a sweetheart, but in a bit of a silent way. He finds it hard to say no, since he trained himself to do whatever anyone told him- he was a child prostitute. Despite this, he seems okay for the majority of the time. He does his best to live life as he can, enjoying music and friendships.

Luka is kind of like the closeted lesbian wallflower at a high school. Not to offend her or's honestly a bit cute, the way she is. She's very quiet and doesn't trust others easily, but she seems to trust Gakupo and Meiko more since they can relate to each other easily. She's very deeply in love with Meiko, and it's quite obvious to anyone who knows them both. She seems to get scared or intimidated in social situations, and avoids anything that could possibly be sexual. She seems a bit like she's scared to step out of her shell, as if she could ruin someone's life...

And then there's Meiko. I don't know as much about her as the others, but that's because she stays aloof and independent, putting up walls and shutting herself inside. She can get defensive or have a bit of a temper sometimes, but she's still pretty cool. She loves Luka very much, but shows it a bit less. She tends to shut people out a bit, like she's afraid of something...but she's always open and herself with Luka. We rarely see her cry or get upset, unless she gets mad.

I sigh and look at my phone. My reminders say 'Two days'.

November 5th is coming up fast. I hope we'll be able to make it a good day for Meiko...last year didn't work so well. We had been busy all day and she'd said nothing, but I could tell she was thinking we'd forgotten. At least we were able to do something for her.

I smile and sit up, getting out of my sleeping bag and getting out of the van, sneaking into the RV. The first things I see are Meiko and Luka curled up on the couch in each other's arms, with Oliver snuggled in between them. I walk into the actual bedroom to find Kaito and Gakupo asleep in the bed, with Piko and SeeU on the floor in sleeping bags. I smile, seeing that they're all comfortable, and leave the RV to go back to the van.

Hinata's snoring when I crawl back into my sleeping bag, so I pull my phone out and open a game to tire myself out with. For some reason it gets incredibly hard for me to fall asleep sometimes...

I felt my eyes beging to slowly close as I messed with the Pac-Man app on my phone. I sighed and put it away, curling up and closing my eyes. The stars shone softly outside, and everyone seemed to be happy.

"Two more days." I smiled as I fell asleep.
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