The boy with the broken wings (Oneshot)

[Gakupo x Kaito]

*Gakupo's POV*

I remember him from earlier in my life.
It had been a normal day. I was taking my afternoon walk through the forest park, when I heard snapping and cracking in the trees. Then this boy about my age stumbled onto the path. He had sapphire blue hair and eyes. Two deteriorated, broken wings grew from his back. He wore a white shirt and pants that were frayed and ripped in several places. Around his right wrist and his left ankle were half of a set of handcuffs.
I could tell something was wrong with him immediately. The way he stepped and the desperate look of terror on his face.
"Please help me..." he cried. "They locked me in a cage and did experiments...They said I was a monster." He was breathing heavily, nearly choking on his words.
"Hey, calm down," I told him, helping him to sit on the ground. "Take deep breaths..." He nodded and obeyed, calming down. "Good. What's your name?" I asked.
"Kaito. " he replied.
"Tell me what happened to you and I'll see if I can help," I told him. And he told me. His story was terrible- the things he had been through were just cruel.

It was now as I stood facing this person, recognizing him as the same one that I had met back then.
"Hello...Gakupo, right?" he asked. I nodded in response.
"Long time no see, Kaito." I had to admit, he looked much better by now. He still wore a frayed white shirt and pants, as well as the broken handcuffs, but his wings were no longer completely broken.
"I shouldn't be out here," he said. "Come with me." He took my hand and led me to an old building that nobody had been in for years. Inside was quite interesting. It was one old room with several cages. One was splattered with a dried bluish-red liquid. The other held a cot with two sheets and a blanket. I knew immediately where this was. It was the lab where he had been experimented on. That dried liquid? It was his blood.
In one corner of the room was a large pile of pastel blue feathers. Some were coated in blood. Others were perfectly normal.
It was then that I noticed something about him. He had a certain aura, like something fragile that could break if you so much as looked at him wrong.
"How can you live like this?" I asked.
"Because I have to..."
"But it isn't fair."
"Unless someone frees me, I can't leave."
"What do you mean?"
"My heart is bound in chains...the reason I can't fly. Until someone frees me from myself, I can't leave."
I put my arms gently around him and pulled him into a hug. I could tell he was being honest. He was like a fallen angel, unable to fly on broken wings. I felt their softness as he spread them open, a few feathers falling to the ground.
"I will be the one to free you," I vowed silently.

*Kaito's POV*

I wasn't used to this. I had always been treated like a monster, because of my wings. Until I met Gakupo. He had never made a comment about them, or hit me for any reason. I felt that I could trust him.
I hugged him back as his arms wrapped around me, leaning into his touch. He smiled and under his breath I heard his whisper.
"I will be the one to free you."
Those words gave me confidence. Enough for me to spread my wings and attempt to leave the ground. It was a failed attempt, but I knew it was only a matter of time before I could fly again.

*No one's POV*

That night as dusk settled over the old building, neither one of the two boys wanted to leave each other. Kaito pulled the sheets off the cot and laid one on the floor, then pulled the other one over him and Gakupo. The two soon fell asleep in each other's embrace, keeping each other warm in the cold March night. (Don't worry, they still had their clothes on.)

*Gakupo's POV*

I opened my eyes in the morning to find that Kaito was no longer lying next to me. A few scattered feathers lay where he had been. I stood up and it was then that I saw him.
He stood facing one of the windows, wings raised. Pale orange light from the rising sun shone through the window, seemingly making him glow. I was almost scared to approach him.
But I did. I stood up and crossed the room, standing next to him and watching the sun come up.
"It's beautiful," he said softly and turned to me. "Gakupo-san...Thank you...thank you for giving me a reason to live."
I smiled and felt a blush spreading across my cheeks. Little did he know, I had been watching him live ever since I found him in the woods.
"I don't know what to say, Kaito," I said.
"Then don't say anything." He wrapped his arms around me and stood on his tiptoes, leaning his head against my neck. There was a rustling noise, and the next thing I knew his wings were gone. On the floor lay his feathers, white and beautiful and...perfect.
"Kaito...Your wings..." I said softly.
"It's okay," he replied. "I don't need to fly. I can stay on the ground."
He could finally live as a normal human. I was so happy for him.
I could feel something in my heart. I think it had been there before, but it was so strong now and I couldn't ignore it. It was like something was pulling me close to him, and I didn't want any space between us.
"Kaito..." I began. I didn't know how to say this. "...I've been watching you for a very long time. I saw you trying to fit in, to make friends. Nothing worked, but you kept trying. And then, one day when I saw you sitting in a tree, I realized something."
I took his hands in mind before continuing, and he blushed slightly.
"I love you, Kaito."
"I..." He looked flustered. "I-I love you too...G-Gakupo-san..."
I chuckled softly. "Just Gakupo is fine." Pulling him closer to me, I gently pressed my lips to his and kissed him. I felt his arms wrap around me as he kissed me back, still on his tiptoes.
I love him. I love him so much.
I will stay with him forever. I didn't free him in the way I expected to, but he is free now. Free from the chains that bound his heart, forever.
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