A Letter to X (Alternate Ending) (Oneshot)

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It's finished.
The letter, wrapped in blue. I'm sure he'll hate me once he reads it.
I'm such a coward. I'm almost too scared to give it to him. But I have to.

**third person POV**

Kaito stepped into the classroom nervously, his eyes searching for the person he needed to talk to. He hid the letter behind his back, afraid that if it was seen it would curse him.
And then he saw it. Gakupo, the person the letter was for, was standing by the window with Luka. And as if she had planned this all along, it was that moment that the words "I love you" were out of her mouth.
Gakupo's face looked shocked at first, but then he smiled. Before he could respond to Luka's words, before everything was ruined, Kaito turned and ran from the classroom into the bathroom. He felt tears forming in his eyes as he held the letter close to his chest, willing himself not to let out a sob. "I'm such a coward," he told himself. "Besides, he's straight. And he'd definitely hate me if he read this." He covered his eyes with his hands, dropping the letter to the ground. "I don't even know if he wants to be my friend anymore. I'm sure he already knows. I'm sure he hates me now."
Sighing, he picked the letter up off the floor and walked into the classroom again, hiding the blue wrapping in his bag. Gakupo was now talking with the rest of the class, their chatter resounding through the room. Kaito used to be part of that group. For the time he and Gakupo were close friends, he had been talking with them. Quietly, but he had still been there in the group. He'd had somewhere to belong. But now he was just as alone as he had been before, and it hurt.
"I'll give it to him later," he thought.

**A month passed. Gakupo and Luka broke up, and Kaito made up his mind to deliver the letter.**

He held it behind his back. The letter wrapped in blue. Running quickly into the classroom, he placed the letter on Gakupo's desk and ran back out, peering in from the hallway. He saw the purple-haired boy pick up the letter and start to open it...
And just then, another girl came up to him and said the same words Luka had said. Gakupo crumpled the letter behind his back and Kaito could only watch, tearing up, as Gakupo accepted the girl's confession.
Kaito started to run, not stopping until he got to a bench in back of the school. He pulled his knees up to his chest and cried, hating himself. Hating himself for being a coward, for not telling Gakupo sooner. For crying so much over something that was hopeless from the start.
The classroom window wasn't too far away. He saw Gakupo inside, tossing the letter in the trash.
"I knew it. He wouldn't ever like me. He doesn't even want me as a friend...I'm just as worthless to him as that letter was."
Later that day, as the bell rang to dismiss school, Kaito ran out as fast as he could. He didn't even notice Gakupo waiting by the lockers, holding a paper in his hands with a sketch on it.
He cried himself to sleep that night. He knew Gakupo would never love him. Gakupo probably didn't even want to be friends.
He just wanted to die. To cease from existence. And so he made his mind up to do just that.
The next day, without going to the classroom, Kaito went up to the school's roof. Walked over to the edge and, without looking back with his tearful eyes...
...he jumped.
A sense of calm came over him before he hit the ground hard, and there was a sharp burst of pain before everything went black.

**Gakupo's POV (third person)**

Gakupo was just walking towards the school building when he heard something hit the ground. Something heavy. He went around to the back of the school and saw something he never wanted to see...
...Kaito was lying collapsed on the ground, and nobody else was around.
"K-Kaito!" he called, panicking slightly. Why would Kaito do this? And it was then that he realized, it was his own fault. He had pushed Kaito away from him, trying to keep his secret. And this was the end result. "Hang on, Kaito!! I-I'm getting the nurse!!"

**a week later**

He finally woke up on Sunday. Kaito had been unconscious for a week after his attempted suicide. And Gakupo was with him in the hospital every day, waiting for him to open his eyes."Kaito..." the purple-haired boy said, walking into the room. "You're awake..."Kaito looked up slowly. "...Why are you here...? I was sure you'd be happy if I was gone."

"Don't ever say that Kaito, I could never hate you..." Gakupo sighed. "Here, let me explain. I...I realized that we were getting closer, and I pushed you away because I didn't want to hurt you with my sexuality...but before I knew it, I was developing feelings for you. I hid them because I was scared of what would happen, I didn't know that it would end up like this...I'm so sorry..." He went closer to Kaito and gently hugged him, rubbing his back as the bluenette started to cry. "It's okay. I'm here, Kaito. And I'm not leaving you again."

Kaito returned to school about a week later. He still had to wear a bandage around his head, but he was smiling. And maybe that was because Gakupo was always with him. The two did make a good couple...after all, gay guys are cuter than straight ones!
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