BURN (Oneshot)

(Kaito x Meiko)

"Gakupo, I'm sorry. I don't like you anymore. I love Kaito. I realized that I always loved him, and he will treat me far better than you." Meiko glared at the purple-haired man.

"I knew there was a reason you were drinking less." The samurai glared at her. "Get you and your sh*tty stuff out of my apartment. Leave no trace. I'll just go take Luka instead."

"Don't you dare!!" She turned on her heel and dashed out of the apartment, tears welling up in her eyes. She kept running, not stopping until she got to Kaito's apartment, then knocked on the door desperately.

Kaito had been making some soup when he heard a knock at his door. Going over to open it, he was surprised to see Meiko. He was even more surprised when she threw her arms around him, crying.

"Meiko...What's wrong?" He pulled her close and rubbed her back gently.

"I-I broke up with Gakupo and he absolutely hates me because I'm in love with you, and he said he was going to take Luka..." Meiko cried. Kaito hugged her closer in response, trying to comfort her. She buried her face in his chest, calming herself down by breathing in his scent.

"I love you," he said softly as she pulled away. Taking her hand, he led her to the table in the kitchen and poured her a bowl of wonton soup. "I hope you like it, it's my first time making this."

Meiko took a sip of the broth first and felt its warm, savory flavor relax her. "Oh, Kaito...It's delicious." She ate more of it happily, hearing Kaito chuckle at her softly.

Once they were both done, Meiko yawned. "Is it okay if I take a shower?" Kaito asked. She nodded and went to sit on the couch, waiting for him to be done, and soon fell asleep.

Kaito came out of the shower and put on his white tank top and navy blue sweatpants, then went out in the living room to see Meiko passed out on the couch. He gently picked her up and carried her into his room, tucking her into bed and then taking an extra blanket to the living room. He shut off all the lights before curling up on the couch and falling into a peaceful sleep.


The purple-haired male was filled with anger. He had to get revenge on the brunette for her dumping him. And for Kaito Shion? That ice-cream obsessed playboy? How pathetic.

Growling softly, he went closer to Kaito's apartment building and quietly unlocked the door. The poor girl had been stupid enough not to take her key with her. He lugged his can of gasoline into the lobby and began to pour it over the carpet and wooden furniture, then poured some in front of people's doors. He did the same on the stairs and in the elevator, then on the second and third floors. Once he was done he set down the can and took a lighter, then set the gasoline on fire. Running out, he watched gleefully from the street as the apartment building burst into flames. The ancient sprinkler system barely worked.

Meiko awoke to the smell of gasoline and something burning. Shooting up from Kaito's bed, she realized the apartment was on fire. She rushed to wake the bluenette and the two of them burst into the hallway in alarm. Meiko immediately began to wake the other residents and try and get them out, while Kaito called the fire department earnestly. Soon, most of the residents were out, and the fire department was having things under control.

"Mei, get out of the bulding!!!" Kaito screamed up to the third-floor window, where his girlfriend was trying to help a mother and her kids escape. Meiko shook her head and coughed, feeling smoke go down her throat. She reached out the window to hand one of the children to the firemen, feeling the fire thicken and burn more behind her back. As the last child left the building, she felt the smoke overwhelm her and she collapsed, still leaning out the window. Her body slipped out and she fell, landing in a heap on the safety net the firefighters had.

Kaito screamed. Gakupo laughed and slipped away from the scene, hearing sirens coming up the street. Meiko and the other badly injured residents were rushed to the hopsital.

------------a day later-------------

Kaito nervously went into the hospital room, a few tears already gathering in his eyes before he even saw her. She was lying in a bed, unconscious. Her left eye was bandaged over and her right wrist was bandaged. One of the sleeves of her hospital gown was slipping off her shoulder, exposing more bandages over her chest and torso. A thin strip of bandages was wrapped around her head.

Sighing as the tears began to fall down his face, Kaito sat in a chair beside her bed and gripped her hand. She had an ID bracelet on her left hand, as well as an IV going into her wrist. She looked terrible, but she had helped save so many people...she was truly brave.


Her voice broke Kaito out of his thoughts. He looked up to see one beautiful brown eye staring at him, full of tears. He leaned down and hugged her close, tears dripping onto her pillow.

"Mei...I'm so glad you're alive."
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