One Last Day (Oneshot)

[SeeU x IA]

"SeeU, are you getting in the water?"

IA's talking to me, I know. But I'm too lost in thought to reply. The two of us have been friends since preschool. We swore to always be together, but now...she's moving away. I don't know if I can face that at without her wouldn't be worth living.

"SeeU!! Get in here or I'm dragging you!!!" She splashes my legs playfully.

I sigh and slip off the pier into the water. "Sorry, IA...I guess I was lost in thought."

She shrugs. "It's all long as you're with me..." A sigh escapes her lips and she grabs my hands. "See...My mom got everything ready so fast and she's saying we have to leave tomorrow...I'm so sorry."

I feel my chest tighten and blink back tears. "Well...let's make today the best day it can be."

She nods. "Wanna jump in?"

I give her a thumbs up and the two of us climb up the ladder to the pier. The air is cold once you've been in the water, but it's just your body being slow on getting used to it. The pier goes from the beach out about 10 feet into the water. The very end of the pier is the only spot you can dive from. IA tried to teach me how to dive for 3 summers before she gave up, and I can only do a few trick jumps...

I watch as she jumps off the edge and flips before going into the water. Once she's out of the way, I follow with a simple cannonball and feel the splash rise up as I go under. She's already swimming farther out, towards the buoy.

The two of us have spent our summers together for a long time, coordinating plans and hanging out together, whether it's here, at one of our houses, or somewhere else. It was like we were glued together.

I sigh softly and sink underwater. I only realized last week that I was in love with IA...and now she's leaving...


"I don't know about you, but I'm craving a milkshake. Wanna get one before we go home? I'll buy." IA pulls on her cover-up dress and folds her towel, then puts it into her bag.

"Sure! I'm up for a milkshake anytime!" I finish drying off as well as I can and slip on the halter-top dress I'm using as my cover up. The two of us leave the beach and walk up the hill to the main street, then cross to the ice cream shop.

It's the most popular ice cream shop in town, and that's partly because of the ice cream and partly because of this one guy who works there. His name's Kaito, and he's an absolute sweetheart to everyone. He's also a flirt and people say he's too cute and charming for his age. IA and I always tease him, but he's sweet about it like usual.

When we walk in, Kaito's behind the counter as usual, handing a strawberry milkshake to a girl. As I step up to look at the flavors, he waves to IA and me.

"What can I get you girls today?" he asks.

"Umm...I'd like a chocolate milkshake," I say.

"Strawberry for me," IA chimes with a grin.

"Alright." He takes the ice cream and starts making our milkshakes, then hands them over the top. "These are on the house. As the last milkshake you'll have here, it should be the best one." He gives IA a slightly sad smile, then serves the next person in line.

The two of us sit at a table together, and I notice IA continuously sneaking glances at me. We make eye contact, and she blushes and looks away before shaking her head. "SeeU," she says quietly. "Um...C-Can I tell you something?"

I nod and her face gets more red. She takes a deep breath, then looks me in the eye. "SeeU...I really like you...I've had a crush on you for a while now, and I can't bear to keep it a secret anymore...W-Will you please be my girlfriend?!"

I feel blush spread across my cheeks and nod silently. "I-I...I love you too, IA...I'd love to date you." A smile spreads across both of out faces, and she takes my hand across the small table.

In my mind, I feel a plan brewing. Something to give us more time together before she's gone.


"IA." I embrace her in a hug as soon as I see her, then whisper in her ear. "Follow me."

While her mother is inside the house, I lead IA down the street and into the woods that is on the edge of our block. If we hide, we can spend more time together...before they find us and tear us apart. Once we get farther into the woods, I stop running and turn to look at her. She's smiling, her cheeks dusted pink.

"SeeU...How much time do we have?" she asks.

"I'm not sure. So let's not waste it." I reply.

IA nods, then takes my hands in hers. I step closer to her, and I feel her lips press to mine. I savor the moment of romance as I kiss back, wrapping my arms around her back. She lets go, her face a blushing mess, and I grin at her.

We both sit down together under a big pine tree, lying down on the soft fallen leaves from other trees. She wraps her arms around me and kisses me gently, and I close my eyes and relax. Just being with her is enough.

Her mother finds us soon enough, but I promise to text her and visit her at her new house.

As I watch the moving van drive away with her in it, I don't feel as sad as I thought I would. We'll still be together, just farther apart physically.

After all, love can stay strong over miles and miles of distance.
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