Rainy Day (Oneshot)

[Rin x Miku]

Rin sighed as she stepped out of the apartment, feeling tears well up in her eyes. She had known the love she had was a lie, but it still hurt to be kicked out...she was supposed to be living on her own by now, and she couldn't go back to her parents. The boy she'd been living with had seemed so nice...and yet he cheated.

The rain fell down her back as she walked down the sidewalk, the light wind blowing her short blond hair around. The large bow on her headband drooped over, mirroring her sadness. She wore a white T-shirt and a pair of dark blue jeans, skinny and high-waisted. Her shoes were Dansko clogs, the same ones she wore every day.

The rain started to come down harder just as the tears came. She spotted an empty shelter up ahead and dashed through the rain to get to it, then sat down on a bench under the roof and curled in a ball. There, she finally let herself cry.

Miku walked down the street, enjoying the sound of rain hitting her umbrella. She held a grocery bag in her left hand with several leeks, some oranges, and some bananas inside. Her long twintails were curled into smaller ones coming out of two buns of hair, a complicated style that Luka and Meiko had done for her. She wore a plaid button-down top and black jeggings.

Coming up on a shelter ahead, she saw someone she knew. But then, a sound reached her ears...the sound of Rin...crying. She broke into a run and stopped at the shelter, dropping her bag and umbrella as soon as she was under the roof.

"Rin! Rin, what's wrong?" She sat down on the bench beside her friend, gently hugging her.

"P-Piko kicked me out...I-I know I never loved him, b-but he...He gave me a pl-place to live and n-now I have nowhere to go...!!" Rin sobbed.

"Oh, Rin...I..." Miku sighed and pulled Rin close, bear hugging her. "It's gonna be okay...I'm sure the others will let you stay with us. I'll make sure you have a roof over your head tonight.."

Rin buried her face in Miku's shoulder and clung onto her. "O-Okay.."

"C'mon...let's go back to the house that I share with Len. I'm sure he'll be glad to see you." Miku stood up and took Rin's hand, feeling her heart flutter. She picked up the umbrella and Rin picked up the bag, and they started walking. They stopped at Miku's house, where Len was staying.

"Hi Miku! Oh, hi Rin!" Len grinned at the two and opened the door for them, then took Miku's groceries to the kitchen.

"Rin, you're soaked...Let me get you a blanket and some dry clothes." Miku went to her room with Rin following behind.


"What should we make for dinner?" Len asked.

"I vote for mac and cheese with ground beef," said Miku. "I have a secret recipe."

"Sounds good!" Rin said with a grin.

"You mean when you use sake to cook the ground beef with?" Len asked.

"No silly, I use wine!" Miku giggled a bit. "Rin, can you help me out?" The blonde responded with a nod and the two of them went into the kitchen. Miku pulled a thawing package of ground beef from the fridge and a box of macaroni and cheese from the pantry, then told Rin where the pots were as she got out a pan.

Rin filled a medium-sized pot with water, her mind racing. It felt awkward to be in the house of Miku, her true crush...she was sure that the tealette only saw here as a friend. Yet still, she couldn't control the fluttering of her heart.

Sighing, she took the lid off the pot now that the water was boiling. She dumped the macaroni noodles inside and set the timer, getting out a spoon and stirring occasionally as she watched Miku cook the meat.

Miku got out a frying pan and set it on the stove, then turned on the heat. She waited and then tested it, splashing water on the pan. The water sizzled and evaporated.

With a smile, the tealette opened the package of meat and put it in the pan. She used a wooden spatula to cut it up and spread it around, then made it into little pieces. She splashed a bit of cooking wine in, some worcestershire sauce, and a bit of onion powder, then stirred it around. After mixing that all together, she sprinkled some salt, pepper and garlic powder in.

The timer went off. Rin jumped a bit and then poured the macaroni into a colander that she set in the sink, then got out butter and milk. She put some butter in the empty pot and let it melt, then added a bit of milk and the powdered cheese sauce. After she'd mixed the sauce together, she put the noodles back in and stirred it around.

"Miku, I think it's ready." Rin smiled at her friend.

"Okay! Let me pour the beef into the pot and we'll mix it up." She picked up the frying pan and dumped the meat in, then stirred it into the mac and cheese.

"You guys done yet?" Len asked, annoyed.

"Have patience, Len!! Otherwise you won't get any!" Miku stuck her tongue out at him.

Rin blushed, watching Miku, and she couldn't hold it in anymore. She hugged Miku tightly and kissed her gently, then jumped back.

Len gasped. Miku froze in place, her face flushed red. She then smiled at Rin and took her hand, kissing her. "Love you too," she whispered.


That night, Rin lay in bed with Miku, the two wrapped in each other's arms. She felt happy and light inside. Sure, she'd lost a few things...but it was worth it for the joy that it had brought her.

She closed her eyes and snuggled up closer to the tealette, slowly drifting off to sleep and waiting for morning to come.

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