Circus Monster (Oneshot)

[Kaito x Luka]


The studio that I work at isn't very big. It's one of the smaller music companies, but I like it. Smaller means less 'elite' people...and it gives more opportunities for the staff and the singers to become closer together. It's almost like we're one big family.

Today as I walk in, the studio is fairly empty. It's a Sunday, and most of us don't have work on Sundays. Technically I don't have work either, but my manager said he had a surprise for me today. He said it would be something I had never done before, so I'm fairly excited.

I step into his office and see him sitting in his chair, flipping through some papers in someone's file. "Hello, Satoshi-san," I call to him. He looks up and waves at me, then sets the papers down and pulls something out of his desk.

"I thought I'd surprise you with an early birthday present," he says as he hands me something. It's a ticket to the circus. He was right- I've never been to the circus before. "The guy who runs the circus said he'd take you behind the scenes. Let you meet the performers.'re supposed to be there in an hour." He grins at me. "Have fun, Kaito."

"Thank you!" I grin at him and take the ticket, then head outside to my car. The circus isn't too far away, I've passed by the site before...I know the way.


Once I arrive, a man is standing out front and smoking a cigarette. I step out of the car and walk through the slushy parking lot until I get to him, and I stop there. "Hello...Are you the ringmaster?" I ask quietly.

"Indeed I am," he replies. "Might you be Kaito Shion?" I nod in response and he smiles. "Follow me this way. I'd like to introduce you to the performers." He leads me through the circus tent to a small trailer park, and then into an old building that's partially falling apart. "I believe they're all in here, hanging out."

"Seems like an interesting place..." I murmur as we step inside. Indeed, the performers are all in here- circled around something. A cage. Is it an animal? Whatever it is, they seem to be taunting it viciously...

"Everyone, I'd like to introduce you to Kaito Shion. Our esteemed guest is here for a nice visit, and I expect everyone's respect to him," the ringmaster barks. The performers separate a bit and I see what's in the cage. It's...a girl. Not a normal one, she seems to have some monster-like pieces on her...especially her horns. She's wearing a thin, short black dress, and I can see that she's covered in cuts and bruises.

"Um, sir..." I look up at the ringmaster. "That girl. Why is she in a cage?" I feel nervous about asking, but it seems so wrong to me...

"Oh...the monster. She isn't important, she is simply a worthless toy. Forget about her." The ringmaster picks up a cane from against the wall and smirks at her. "Right, 'Luka'? You're nothing but a worthless monster."

The girl, Luka, responds with a small sob. I feel something in my chest tighten, and a burst of adrenaline rushes through me. "Let her out," I hiss at the ringmaster.

"Let her out? Why would I want to do that? She'll wreak havoc." He scoffs and shakes his head, wiggling the key ring on his belt a bit.

"She won't wreak havoc, or do anything to hurt anyone except maybe you. But who could blame her?! You've abused her and tortured her- she's not in a state to attack anything." I glared at him furiously, wishing that humans could shoot daggers from their eyes. Lunging towards him, I grabbed ahold of the key ring and try to pull it off. He growls at me and tries to push me off him, but I pull harder and manage to pull the key ring well as rip one of the belt loops on his pants.

"Give me those, you cretin! I'll make you pay!!" He grabs ahold of my shirt as I run to the cage and start testing keys. I try and press myself as close to the cage as possible, to keep him from getting the keys. After about six tries, I finally find the right key and unlock the cage.

"GET AWAY FROM HER!!" the ringmaster shouts. He yanks me away from Luka and I feel his fist connect with my jaw, but adrenaline has taken over my body and I don't consider the risk anymore. I punch him right back, my fist connecting with his nose as he fires back.

After a while of punching and kicking, trading blows, I manage to knock him out, somehow. Breathing heavily, I crouch down next to Luka's cage and open the door.

"Hey," I say softly. "I wanna take you out of here. You don't belong in a cage, or at this circus where he's treating you like this. Do you want to come home with me?"

She hiccups and slowly comes out of the cage, her pink hair falling in front of her face. I can see the tears falling down and dripping onto the floor, and I can see all the injuries she isn't good. I stand up and offer her a hand, and she takes it and pulls herself up on slightly wobbly feet.

"Would it be easier for me to carry you?" I brush the hair out of her face and do my best to dry her tears, although they keep coming. She responds with a quick nod and I hook my arms under her back and under her legs, picking her up princess-style. The ringmaster groans across the room, and I waste no time getting out of there. I carry her to my car and lay her down in the backseat, seeing that she's managed to fall asleep.

Taking my place in the driver's seat, I buckle up and drive home. I've decided that I don't like the circus at all, not after what I've seen.

I reach my apartment complex quickly and carry her inside, then lay her down on the couch. I'll have to clean her might hurt her. Shaking her gently, I try to wake her up, so that she'll at least be aware...

"Mmh..." She mumbles something softly and then opens her eyes, and I realize how pretty they are. She has deep blue eyes, like the pretty.

"Hey...Luka, right? I'm sorry I didn't introduce myself earlier. My name's Kaito. You're in my house right now...I took you away from the circus." I sigh a bit. "I'm going to have to clean your wounds, and it might hurt...I just thought you might want to know."


I look outside through the window in my room. The moon is shining brightly on the snow outside, and the stars are twinkling up above. I then turn my head over towards the bed, to see if she's still okay. She's curled up under the covers, wearing an old T-shirt that my dad gave me. Her wounds are bandaged up, and she looks much more 'okay' than before. With a gentle sigh, I turn over on the air mattress and begin to drift off.

When morning comes, I wake up to pale sunlight filtering in through the window. Luka's still curled up on the bed, but she's awake and watching snow fall outside.

"Good morning, Luka," I tell her softly.

"Good morning, Kaito..." She slips off the bed and wraps her arms around me, hugging me gently. "Thank you," she whispers in my ear.

A single tear drips onto the carpet, and I smile softly. "It's nothing. Besides, we're friends, right?"

She nods and gives me a gentle smile. I hope I'll be able to erase the pain from her memory and make her happy...she deserves it.

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