Firefly's Spark (Sequel to Secret Butterfly) (Ones

After about an hour of sitting in the big room where we've taken refuge, someone I don't recognize stands up and clears her throat. She's holding a box full of guns.

I sigh and shake Luka awake. She sits up, her head on my shoulder, and the woman starts talking.

"Hello, everyone. I wish we could stay here for longer, but unfortunately...we are being targeted. The authorities are on their way with reinforcements, on the ground as well as in the air. Take a gun and some bullets, and run out of here with your partners. Do whatever it takes to survive in this world, you hear me? Line up and get a gun."

The people in the room slowly stood and formed a line, taking a gun and pack of bullets, then pairing up with their lover and preparing to leave. I hear noises in the distance...they're coming.

"They're on their way. Everyone, run. NOW!" The doors open, and we all run out into the night. Luka's right behind me, followed by Kaito and Gakupo.

I hear the hissing sound immediately, then the explosions that follow as the impact knocks me off my feet. My face smacks into the ground, and I feel someone fall on top of me. It's Gakupo.

We stand up and look at each other. There isn't much time- gunfire is all around us and the authorities are coming, so I say something. "We need to split up. It's harder for them to get all of us if we aren't in the same place."

Kaito nodded in agreement. "If we all make it, let's rendezvous in Harrison. It's the next town over. We should be able to find refuge there."

We all turned and ran in different directions. My heart pounded in my chest, and tears threatened to well up and spill over in my eyes. Suppose one of us died, or all of us? Suppose we never got to Harrison?

Shaking my head, I focused on my task. I heard footsteps behind me and grabbed my gun, turning to aim it at them. I pulled the trigger and sent the bullet out, the recoil of the gun nearly hitting me in the face. I hit one of them and turned, then kept running. I feel a sharp sting on my ear- a bullet must have grazed it. I duck behind a tree and fire back at whoever's shooting, still unused to the feeling of the recoil. I'm sure that my shots are missing, but it's helpful.

A while later, I find myself unfollowed. I think I'm nearing the edge of the forest, maybe I can find the others.

A scream echoes through the area. A scream I recognize. It's Gakupo. Without thinking, I start running in the direction of the sound. It's not a pleasant surprise when I find him.

He's lying against a tree, bleeding out from his chest in two places. When he sees me, he smiles a bit.

"Meiko..." he says softly.

"Gakupo, it's okay..." I kneel beside him and look around for something to stop the bleeding.

"Just leave it. I don't think there's anything you can do." He takes my hand and the tears spill over in his eyes and mine.

"Tell Kaito I love him," he gasps. His eyes close and his hand goes limp, and I can't hear his breathing anymore.

A scream tears out of my throat and then I'm crying, so hard I can't even see anything. What if Kaito and Luka are dead too?! Why did this have to happen?! I squeeze my eyes shut hard and wish...that it was all a dream, that I was still sitting with Luka in the Butterfly Room...

"Meiko. Meiko! MEIKO!!!!"

Her voice breaks me out of my thoughts, and I feel her arms wrap around me and hold me tightly.

"It's going to be okay."

I turn towards her and bury my face in her shoulder, clinging onto her as my tears flow. I know she's crying too, I can almost hear her.

"Mei, we have to get out of here. We have to find Kaito." She lets go and her hand wipes my tears away. I nod and grip her hand, and the two of us start running. Our footsteps echo through the forest until we reach the edge, and I see him standing by a tree.

He's crying.

"Kaito," I breathe. He turns towards us, his blue eyes so vulnerable and hurt, and I understand. He's seen Gakupo dead too.

"He's gone, isn't he...?" he mumbles. I say nothing but hug him tightly, and I feel his tears drip onto my shoulder.

"Stop right there." A deep voice booms near us, and we turn. It's one of the authorities. He aims his gun at us.

"Run," Kaito whispers.

Luka and I turn and run. The guy starts shooting and I hear Kaito's screams as he goes down. The tears are coming back, threatening to destroy me from the inside out. I feel a stab in my shoulder and cry out. Luka screams as well- something's hit her arm. I can see buildings ahead of us, and I grab her hand.

We're in the safety of the town, the man who was following us gone. I dodge into an alley and feel everything going black. Maybe this is what death is like...


When I wake up, I'm in a strange room. A hospital.

I have a paper bracelet on my left wrist, as well as an IV stuck into one of my veins. My shoulder throbs from where I was shot.

There's another bed to my right. It isn't empty. Luka's there. Her arm is bandaged all the way up to her shoulder, and she isn't conscious.

I reach out shyly and take her hand, trying my best to be gentle. Right now, all I want is to be in her arms. Her eyes slowly open and she looks at me with those light blue eyes of hers, eyes I could lose myself in so easily...

"Hi, Mei."

We both collapsed on the outskirts of Harrison. A passerby saw us and called the hospital, and an ambulance took us here. We were unconscious for three days.

Kaito and Gakupo are dead, along with a lot of the others from the Secret Butterfly. Luka and I could have died, but we're here...together.

We are released from the hospital two days later. With nowhere to go, we spend the day at the local park- sitting on a bench swing together, enjoying just being together.

At the end of the day, we curl up on the swing together. Her arms wrap around my waist, and I nuzzle into her shoulder. I close my eyes and begin to drift off...

The morning sun comes up slowly, the twittering birds waking me up. Luka is sitting on the swing, my head in her lap. I ease up into a sitting position and kiss her gently, wrapping my arms around her neck. I feel the sweet taste of her lips on mine and, for once since this began, I feel okay and safe.

I'm here. With the girl I love. And we're unseparable.
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