Bloodletting (4th revised version)

        It was a dark night, as a newly turned human, Katherine Pierce, staggered passed trees, looking for Elijah. She had come to New Orleans to ask him for his protection, only to hear that Tyler was in town and had caused friction between the Originals and Hayley. She had just been face-to-face with the hybrid she knew Tyler had created. She had had to stab it in the heart to kill it, but he had gotten her pretty good and she didn’t know if she could digest vampire blood.

        Meanwhile, Elijah lay on the bed in the cabin, Hayley seated on his bedside, worried.

        Later, during a hallucination, he pinned her up against a wall, ready to bite her on the side of her neck.

        Katherine staggered inside to see the scene.

        Suddenly, he smelled a lot of blood.

        The human stood in the middle of the cabin.

        “Elijah,” she said.


        He let go of Hayley and turned around to see her.

        He was instantly in front of her.

        “What has happened to you?” he questioned her.

        “I screwed up and now I’m dying of old age. I came here to ask you for your protection, only to get a run in with a hybrid,” she explained, before everything went black for her.

        “Katerina,” he said, as he caught her from hitting the floor, arm holding her up, hand between her shoulder blades.

        He gently picked her up and layed her gently down on the bed, before sitting on her bedside and biting his wrist, putting it to her lips, making his blood go down her throat to heal and save her.

        Hayley silently watched.

        A few minutes later, he took his wrist away, which instantly healed.

        He looked down at her, as her wounds healed. As he did, he realized that the symptoms from Klaus’ bite had vanished. His fear for Katerina’s life had stopped them. He was no longer dying from Klaus’ bite.

        A few hours later, when she came to, he knew that she’d be okay for now. He then granted her his protection and they went to Davina for help in saving her.

        In the end, Davina did a spell and she was no longer dying of old age. Elijah even got back together with her.
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