The Casket Girls

        It was a dark night in New Orleans, as Davina stood there in the Mikaelson's home in the French Quarter.

        “I'm tired of all your lies!” she yelled at Marcel, as she used her magic on him.

        “Let me explain,” Marcel tried to reason.

        A moment later, she had him on the ground with her magic and out cold.

        She turned to Klaus.

        “And you. You act like you're not a monster, but you are. Show them your true self.”

        A moment later, he was on the ground, bones cracking, as fangs started to form and his eyes started to turn yellow.

        “Davina, I assume?” a female said, as she walked in. “Stop it. Leave them alone. I wouldn't do that if I were you. It won't go over well being his enemy. I may not know what's going on, but please. Leave them be.”

        Davina looked at her.

        “Who are you?”

        “Katherine. Now let them go. I've come for help from the Originals. Marcel I could care less about, but he is Klaus' friend. So don't permanently kill him. That, and Elijah and I are in love.”

        Davina stopped her magic, knowing what love felt like.

        “Josh, you may jump whenever you are ready. You're a vampire. You can jump.”

        They didn't know how she knew him, but Josh jumped down and Davina went to him.

        “Now, please go.”

        Kat watched them go, before looking at Klaus who was trying to get back into control.

        “I need to tell all three of you why I need your help, so please calm down.”

        She went to Elijah next and hugged him, which he silently returned.

        “I've missed you. This past month has been hell,” she stated.

        They let go.

        “You're human,” he stated to her.

        “Yes, but not willingly. Elena shoved the cure down my throat. I guess I deserved it, though, since I took my anger on Bonnie out on Elena and tried to kill her. Where's your sister? I don't want to have to repeat myself twice.”

        Just then, the Original sister arrived.

        “What the bloody hell are you doing here?”

        Kat turned to look at her.

        “Apparently, saving your brothers and Marcel's asses from a powerful witch. Also, I need help from you Originals and a witch. Not Davina, though. After what she tried to do, I'd rather have Sophie help.”

        Once everyone was seated in the living room, she told them everything that happened and how she needed them. And in the end, Sophie was able to do a spell that saved her life. So, everybody lived as happily ever after as they could. After all, there was still a war going on in New Orleans between the Originals and the witches.
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