Crescent City

        It was a dark night, as Katherine Pierce headed for the plantation home, having heard that the Originals lived there. And as the woods began to disappear behind her, she started to see flames. That's when she ran towards it as fast as she could.

        Once there, she forced the door open and rushed inside in enough time to see the she-wolf, Hayley, on the floor on her back and a guy she assumed to also be a wolf.

        “Get out of here!” she ordered him. “I'll get Hayley. You save your own life.”

        Jackson left and headed for the woods, trusting whoever she was would save her.

        She rushed to her side.

        “Hayley, it's me. Can you hear me?” she called, not sure if she'd be able to drag her out on her own.

        As her vision went gray, she saw Katherine's face and dimly heard her speak to her.

        “Hayley, stay with me,” Katherine said, deciding that she'd have to save her on her own.

        With her human strength, she pulled her to her feet and walked her a foot away from the door, coughing from the fire, and gently pushed her towards it.

        “Go! I'll be right behind you!” she said over the noise of the close by collapsing long piece of wood.

        Hayley ran out the door and a distance away, fell to her knees, coughing from the smoke inhalation she had just suffered.

        As Kat attempted to reach the door, some pieces of wood from the ceiling fell on top of her. Then everything went black.

        A few minutes later, as Hayley slowly breathed in fresh air, the father of her child arrived and knelt in front of her.

        “You okay, luv?”

        “Thanks to Katherine, yes. She's still in there.”

        At hybrid speed, he rushed inside to save his brother's love life and Hayley's rescuer.

        “Katerina!” he yelled, searching for her with every sense he had. “Katerina!” he yelled over the flames again, before seeing her.

        In a blur, he was at her side and had thrown the wood off her. He then rested gentle hands on either side of her face.

        “Katerina?” he called to her.

        He waited for a few minutes for a sign that she could hear him, but she didn't reply. So, he gently picked her up in his arms and raced out of the burning house. He then gently layed her down by the wolf.

        “I have to find my brother,” he said, before vanishing from sight.

        When Kat came to, she was outside of the burning house, Hayley by her, looking down at her.

        “Thank you. You saved us,” she thanked the human.

        “You're welcome,” Kat replied. “Who saved me?” she asked, wanting to know, as she sat up.

        “Klaus,” Hayley answered her.

        “I'll have to thank him later. Where are the others? I assume this is the doings of a witch.”

        “Klaus went to go find Elijah. Rebekah went in the woods with one of my friends.”

        “Hayley, grab the closest car and follow me. I'm gonna go find Rebekah.”

        Both got to their feet, going in separate directions, just as Kat had said.

        When Kat saw Rebekah surrounded by fully phased werewolves, she put herself between the small pack of seven and Rebekah, not wanting them to hurt or kill her.

        She stared the wolf down that stood in the circle less than a foot away from where Kat stood in front of Rebekah.

        “I know werewolves enough to know that they don't usually attack Originals. I'm gonna assume that you made an alliance with a powerful witch, to teach someone a lesson. I'm not going to let you attack her. If you want to attack someone, attack me.”

        The alpha growled at her in displeasure.

        A moment later, he gave out a half bark half growl and the entire pack raced off.

        Kat turned around to face the only Original sister.

        “Are you okay?"

        “Yes, but what the bloody hell are you doing here?”

        “Long story. Short version is that I got the cure shoved down my throat and now I'm dying. Also, I saved Hayley and her friend's life tonight. Klaus saved me in return, before going off to find Elijah.”

        Hayley pulled up in Elijah's SUV and they got in, Kat in the passenger's seat, Rebekah in the back behind Katherine. They then went in search of Elijah and Klaus.

        In the end, everyone except Celeste, of course, lived, and Elijah and Katherine got back together. So, everybody lived as happily ever after as they could. After all, there is always war going on in New Orleans.
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