Crescent City (2nd revised version)

        It was a dark night in New Orleans, as Kat watched Celeste and Elijah from the shadows, before stepping out and conjuring up the Traveler magic and throwing it at her, throwing her away from him.

        Elijah looked at her, as he lay on his side on the sidewalk.

        Celeste got to her feet.

        “What the hell did you do to him?” she asked the witch.

        “Who the hell are you?” Celeste asked her.

        “Katherine. Now what did you do?”

        “I poisoned him with a kiss. He gets to choose who to save now. His siblings or the wolf.”

        “Why would you do that?”

        “To teach him the errors of his ways in always being on Klaus’ side.”

        “You can’t possibly teach him that. Family is everything, whether you’re Elijah or not. Family comes first and secondly comes love.”

        “I just did.”

        Using Traveler magic and her anger, she through her against a brick wall.

        She turned to him and knelt by him.


        “Katerina, go. Save my siblings. I need to save Hayley.”

        Without question, she left him to go find Klaus.

        When she found him, he was getting ambushed by witches. The only witch she knew though was Sophie. The others were strangers to her.

        Just as Sophie stabbed him, Kat started walking towards them.

        “Sophie, stop,” she said, raising her voice.

        As Sophie turned to look at her, the knife made its way inside Klaus, which caused him pain.

        “Katherine?” Sophie questioned her.

        “I came to Elijah for protection and help, only to have to save him from Celeste. She’s bad news and this must be her plan. Get witches on her side so she can get rid of Klaus and Elijah and put Rebekah and Hayley in danger. Elijah said he’d save Hayley. My responsibility is to save his siblings. Now get out of the way. I’m not in the mood for disobedient witches.”

        Sophie got out of the way, letting her go to Klaus. She then went back home and so did the others, leaving Kat alone with Klaus whom lay on his back on the ground.

        “Klaus, it’s me. Can you hear me?” she called, knelt on the left side of him.

        She rested a gentle hand on the right side of his face and then gently slapped his cheek to try and wake him up.

        A few minutes later, he slowly came to to see Katerina, now known as Katherine.

        “Katerina?” he questioned softly from the torment he was receiving from the magical knife, which also had made him feel somewhat weak.

        “It’s me. I came to ask Elijah for protection and help, only to find out about what Celeste had done. Elijah sent me to find you and Rebekah, while he goes to save Hayley. I should get you home,” she replied.

        “You’re human,” he replied.

        “Yes. I am. Elena shoved the cure down my throat.”

        She helped him get to his feet, as she got to hers, before they headed for his place.

        Once he was home and in bed, she left to go find Rebekah.

        As she searched for her in the woods, getting the sense that she might be there, her phone went off.

        “Elijah,” she greeted.

        “I got Hayley. I’m taking her home.”

        “Okay. Well, Klaus is home, but someone should get that knife out of him. Sophie stabbed him with it.”

        “Thank you, Katerina.”

        “Anytime, Elijah.”

        They hung up.

        When she was in the middle of the woods, she saw Rebekah being ambushed and attacked by a few werewolves.

        “Get away from her!” Kat bravely ordered them.

        They stopped and looked at her.

        She approached them slowly, as to not get herself attacked.

        “You heard me. Get away from her. Get out of here. As long as I’m around, you will not harm her,” she ordered them.

        The black alpha gave a snarl, before leading his pack away.

        Kat ran towards and knelt by her.

        “Rebekah? It’s me. Can you hear me?”

        Realizing she was out cold, she knew she had to get her home and it would have to be on her own.

        As soon as he smelled their scent, Elijah opened the door and gently took his sister from her, picking Rebekah up in his arms and speeding up the stairs to her room to lay her down in her own bed.

        “I’m going to go for a walk,” she said at a normal tone, knowing with sensitive hearing that everyone in the house could hear her without her raising her voice. She then left, closing the door behind herself.

        Elijah was checking up on his siblings, when he heard Katerina let him know that she’d be going for a walk, which he understood. She probably didn’t want to be there when his brother woke up and got his strength back, much less run into Rebekah. They could be very difficult and he didn’t want Katerina in the middle of sibling rivalry.

        When Klaus woke up, he was in his room and didn’t feel any pain anymore. He wondered where Katerina was, though. She was the one that had saved him from further torment pretty much. And he felt better now, so he slowly sat up in bed.

        A moment later, Rebekah and Elijah walked in.

        “I see that you’re feeling much better now. Good. I’ll go see where Katerina has gone to,” Elijah said, before leaving their sight.

        “Feel better soon,” Rebekah said, before leaving the room.

        Kat enjoyed being alone, as she took a walk through New Orleans. It was dark, sure, but it didn’t really matter to her. She needed to be alone, because she didn’t know where to go and she didn’t know how Klaus and Rebekah would react towards her, knowing she was the one that had saved her. They weren’t exactly Katherine fans. So, she was out alone, though she knew she was being stupid. She knew she should’ve invited someone like Hayley or Elijah along with her to protect her if anything happened, but she wanted to be alone. Sometimes she just wanted to be alone and she hadn’t had that chance for the past month or two.

        She stopped not far from the woods, getting the sense that she was being watched. And then she turned to look at the trees and bushes that outlined the woods to see if she could spot what was watching her.

        A moment later, a black werewolf came out and ran towards her. So, she ran, though she knew that it was useless to run from a werewolf. It wasn’t a coincidence, since she figured it was probably the alpha that she had addressed earlier to save Rebekah’s life.

        Elijah continued his search for the one girl that he would always love.

        He stopped, smelling blood and hearing something, before following them at vamp speed.

        As she lay there, vision blurry and going dim, she blurrily saw the creature get thrown off her, before everything went black for her.

        Once it ran off, he was instantly at her side.


        He scanned her with his eyes and was relieved when he found that she’d be okay.

        He gently picked her up in his arms and sped back home.

        When she woke up, she saw that she was in a bed at the compound in a room. She then saw that Hayley was seated in a chair by her bed.

        “Feeling better?” the she-wolf questioned.

        Kat slowly sat up in bed.

        “Yeah. I am. Thanks.”

        “Actually, it’s not me you should be thanking. It’s Elijah. He’s just a little busy at the moment,” she replied.

        “I’ll thank him later then.”
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