Together Again

        It’s a beautiful day in the French Quarter as I speak to Marcel, his friends, Hayley, Rebekah, and Klaus about what to do next. An old lover of mine who I thought had died long ago, Celeste, has returned. She’s a witch. The worse thing is that we don’t know why she’s here and what her plans are. My true love will always be Katerina Petrova, though she like the name Katherine Pierce. I will love her, always and forever.

        We all look up, smelling the familiar scent of human. Then she walks in. I can tell that something’s wrong.

        As I suspect my brother would react as usual, he pins her to a brick wall, hand tightly around her throat.

        “You sure look alive. You’re supposed to be dead by now. What the hell are you doing in my city?” he growls at her.

        “Bloody hell?” Rebekah says.

        “Well, well. Look who decided to return after 100 years,” Marcel comments.

        “What the hell?” Hayley says.

        I go to stand half way from where Klaus and Katerina are.

        “Niklaus,” I say in warning.

        I wait for him to let her go, but he just stays in the same position, ignoring me.

        Katerina silently looks back at him, despite the pressure on her throat.

        “Let her go, Niklaus. Let her speak,” I say in a warning voice with a hint of anger in my voice.

        Finally, he lets her go, but still stands in front of her.

        When she gets her breath back, she finally speaks, as I make my way over to her.

        “I didn’t come to see you,” she informs Klaus. She looks at me. “I came to ask you, for once in my life, for help.”

        I stand in front of her, next to Klaus.

        “What is it, Katerina?” I ask, ready to help if it’s not too much.

        “I’m dying of old age. I know I got myself into getting the cure shoved down my throat, but I didn’t think anything would happen. It was unexpected. I didn’t know Elena had the cure when I attacked her after you left me. Now I’m human, dying of old age, and in need of protection. I have many enemies. If word gets out that I’m human and if I don’t have protection, you know what will happen,” she explains to me.

        I know all too well what it’s like to have many enemies as a vampire, but it would be even worse as a human. I know she’s begging for help from me, which I know, deep inside, is hard for her to do after 500 years of looking out for herself.

        “You don’t need to say anything else. I promise that you will have my protection and I will help you. After this problem with a witch we’re having, you will have my undivided attention. For now, as long as you need to, you may stay here and I’ll try to keep Niklaus on a collar,” I tell her.

        “Thank you, Elijah. This means a lot,” she replies.

        “Why don’t you make yourself at home upstairs?” I suggest, since I need to speak to my family about her staying here with us.

        She smiles.

        “I’ll see you later,” she replies.

        When she has disappeared upstairs, I look at my siblings, Hayley, Marcel, and his friends.

        “She’s not staying here. I won’t allow it,” my brother growls.

        “It’s only temporary,” I assure him.

        “Fine by me,” Hayley tells me.

        “She can stay as long as she stays out of my way,” Rebekah says.

        Marcel and his friends are silent, but I know Marcel agrees. I’m the only one in my family that knows why and how Marcel and Katerina know each other. I kept tabs on Katerina over the centuries to make sure she was alive and as safe as she could be. And I’m glad Rebekah and Hayley are on board. Rebekah despises her for being able to stay off Klaus’ radar for 500 years, while Hayley hates her for trying to kill her back in Mystic Falls.

        We soon go our separate ways. I look for Celeste and Rebekah stays to babysit Hayley. Marcel and his friends go in a different direction to look for Celeste, while Klaus looks for a witch to talk to about Celeste.

        That night, on a sidewalk, I find Celeste who is inhabiting a witch by the name of Sabine. We talk, me trying to figure out what she wants, and I learn of her plan after she poisons me a little with a kiss.

        As I lay on my side on the sidewalk, I look up at her, as she speaks.

        “I died because of Klaus. I want revenge. I’m going to teach you the errors of your ways. No matter what he does, you keep holding on to that vow; always and forever. As we speak, he’s experiencing more pain than he has ever felt. Now, you can choose to save him, but then that would leave Hayley, Rebekah, and Katherine in peril. Or there’s your deal sister Rebekah. She’s about to find herself in quite the predicament. You could save her, but then that leaves Klaus, Hayley, and Katherine. Or there’s Hayley. We both know Klaus would hate it if anything happened to her or the baby. And last but not least, there’s your precious Katherine you think is the same girl you fell in love with 500 years ago. You’ll recover in enough time to save one of them. I can’t wait to see which one you choose.”

        I can only watch, as she walks away from me and soon disappears from sight.

        I know she’s right. I can only choose one. Time and time again, I have always chosen my family over Katerina, which I know has hurt her every time I did. But then there’s Hayley. I care about her and her baby needs to survive, because that child is the key to Klaus’ redemption. Then there’s my little sister, Rebekah, who I do love and would do anything for, but I have always put Klaus before her. And then there’s my little half-brother Klaus who I have always put first, no matter what. I must choose soon. My lover of 500 years, my sister, my brother, or my brother’s one night stand that he got pregnant?

        Half an hour later, I arrive at the old plantation house, which is on fire.

        I immediately get inside by shattering the window. Fire is everywhere, as I help Hayley to her feet and tell her werewolf friend, Jackson, “Get her out of here.”

        As Jackson and Hayley leave by going through the window, I find the love of my life. Katerina.

        I gently pick her up in my arms and, once I’m a ways away from the house, I gently lay her down on her back on the ground.

        I look down at her to assess her condition, as I listen to her heart and breathing. There’s blood on either side of her head and some blood elsewhere. There’s a wound on her left side and there are scratches all over her. I don’t know if she can digest vampire blood after the cure was shoved down her throat, but I have to try.

        I pull her gently into my arms and bite my wrist, putting it to her lips, making my blood go down her throat to heal and save her.

        A few minutes later, I take it away and my wrist and her wound instantly heal.

        I gently carry her to the compound, once on my feet.

        Once at the compound and in my room, I gently lay her down in my bed. I then sit on her bedside and wait for her to come to. If anything happened to Katerina, I don’t know what I’d do. It would shatter me.

        An hour later, she comes to, which relieves me. She’s going to be okay.

        A few days later, I get my siblings back and we kill Celeste before she can body jump. So all is well in the French Quarter. In the end, Katerina and I get back together.
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