Moon Over Bourbon Street

A/N: Kat is still in her human body. She never went into Elena’s body.

        It was a dark night, as human Katherine Pierce, formerly Katerina Petrova, limped through the woods and towards the Mikaelson home. She was in search of Elijah, because she knew he was the only one right now that would help her when she was in need. And she needed help from witches. Plus, she knew from word on the New Orleans streets that there was a party being thrown at the Mikaelson place. All supernatural species had been invited. It had been Elijah whom had thrown the party, she had heard, because for some reason, Niklaus Mikaelson was in no mood to do anything, much less stop every supernatural creature from killing each other. He was still the Elijah that she had fallen in love with all those years ago. The one that was always intent on keeping the peace. And he would never let anything happen to her if he could help it. She knew he still loved her, even though he had broken up with her before leaving Mystic Falls. But she knew he had only done it out of loyalty to his family. His family needed him and that is why he had gone to New Orleans. She thought he’d be back as soon as he could get away from New Orleans, but he hadn’t come back. So, since she was dying and he was the only Original that cared if she lived or died, she would come to him for help. And if he couldn’t help her or the witches couldn’t, then she would spend her last days with the only guy that she truly loved to this day.

        As she approached the house, she could see that there was definitely a party being held. And as soon as she entered the compound, there were murmurs of supernatural creatures that saw her, asking each other who she was and why she had come. Then, as soon as she saw Elijah speaking to a witch, she approached him, trying not to limp. She didn’t want to show him in front of all these people how miserable she was and how hurt she was.

        “Elijah,” she said to get his attention.

        He turned around to face her, hearing the all too familiar voice of his love life.

        “Katerina, what are you doing here?” he calmly questioned. Then, seeing the state she was in and realizing she was cured of vampirism, he added, “What happened to you?”

        “I was mad at Bonnie for not giving me the cure and I took it out on Elena. I tried to kill Elena, so Elena shoved the cure down my throat. Apparently, she had it all along. Now I’m human, and since I turned 500 years ago, I’m dying of old age. Literally. Please, Elijah. I need your help. I need a witch. Someone I can trust.”

        “This isn’t a good time right now, but I assure you, I will do everything possible to save you,” he promised her.

        “What are you doing here?” asked a female from behind Katherine.

        Katherine turned around to see Hayley Marshall alongside a guy. She assumed he was also a werewolf.

        “Asking some help from Elijah to find a witch that I can trust to save my life. I’m dying of old age. I didn’t know Elena had the cure for vampirism when I tried to kill her over anger of Bonnie not giving me the cure. Elena shoved the cure down my throat. Since I turned 500 years ago, I’m dying of old age. Apparently, the universe is out to get me whether I like it or not. By the way, congratulations. I heard that you’re going to have Klaus’ child. Maybe, if we’re lucky, it’ll be the key to redeeming him. And who’s he?”

        “Jackson. I guess we were supposed to get married but I’ve been moving around so much, I didn’t know until recently. If you’re looking for a witch that you can trust, you should probably look around for Monique,” she replied, feeling sorry for Katherine.

        “Thank you, Hayley,” she said to the werewolf, grateful for the information.

        Katherine looked at Elijah again.

        “I’m going to go find Monique.”

        Elijah watched, as Katerina half walked half limped away from him. He wished he could fix her, but he knew it was something that only a witch could do for her.

        After a few minutes, Katherine found a couple witches standing by a wall of the compound.

        “Monique, I need to talk to you,” she said to the witch, once in a long time, being kind. She knew she was human and Monique was a witch. She didn’t want to peeve her off, for fear of what she would do to her.

        “And who are you?”

        “Katherine Pierce. I’m human now due to the cure for vampirism getting shoved down my throat. Please. I’m asking for your help. The cure made me human, but it’s also making me die of old age faster than a normal human. It’s because I was turned 500 years ago. Please. I know if it was Sophie, she’d help me. We were allies before she got killed. If you don’t do it for me, then do it for your sister.”

        Realizing that she was telling the truth, she told the newly turned human, “Follow me.”

        Katherine did likewise.

        A few hours later, Katherine was cured of everything the cure had done to her, so Katherine returned to the party and went in search of any familiar faces that she might recognize. And as she did, she looked up at the balcony wondering where Klaus was and why he hadn’t come out to play sort of speak. So, she headed upstairs to find him, hoping he wouldn’t kill her for being in his town.

        When she found him, he was in a room painting. Not sure what to do, but telling herself not to be afraid of him, though she didn’t know what kind of mood he was in, she took a couple steps into the room.

        “Klaus?” she said.

        He set his paintbrush down and turned around to face her. And as soon as he saw her, he used hybrid speed to pin her to a wall of the room, an arm across her throat.

        “Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t kill you for being in my town? Especially, in the middle of war. I could just say it was an accident and we could all carry on with our lives.”

        “Well, it was come here to get some help from some witches so I wouldn’t die faster than I should, or let Damon keep breaking his promise to me that he would protect me. I chose to come here for help and I got it thanks to Elijah, Hayley, and Monique. So, if you would be so kind as to let me go, that would great, Klaus. Besides, if you kill me, it’ll be for nothing. I haven’t done anything wrong and Elijah would never forgive you for killing me.”

        Seeing her point, he let her go and went back to painting.

        “So, tell me. Why are you in here painting out your inner feelings, while Elijah’s having all the fun out there? I would’ve thought you’d be ready to win whatever war this is that you want to win.”

        “If you must know, I let my dear sister go. She’s free to do whatever she likes. We’re too broken to carry on being in the same town. We’d most likely kill each other if we stayed in the same town.”

        “So, that’s why you’re here. You’re upset at yourself that you let Rebekah go. Always and Forever, right? Sometimes you have to let people go, Klaus. It’s the only way sometimes to give them happiness that they deserve after so long.”

        “And you would know this, Katerina, how?” he questioned, looking at her.

        “Well, I may pretend not to feel anything, especially when I was a vampire, but things changed when I found out that my daughter is a vampire and found me. Before I met any of you, my family disowned me for having an illegitimate daughter. I never saw her again. I couldn’t find her in 1498, so I left Bulgaria again. But now we’re reunited. She’s in Mystic Falls right now. She’s the only one that knows where I went to and why. I know a little something about love and letting people you care about go, even though you don’t want to. Even after everything you’ve done to me. The pain will never go away, but I’ve forgiven you.”

        He watched, as she left the room and heard her, as she headed back down the stairs. He then went back to painting.

        In the end, Elijah and Katherine got back together and she stayed in New Orleans.
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