Hero (Kalijah)

*Crescent City- First Version*

Would you dance

If I asked you to dance?

Would you run

And never look back?

Would you cry

If you saw me crying?

Would you save my soul tonight?

Would you tremble

If I touched your lips?

Would you laugh?

Oh, please, tell me this

Now would you die

For the one you love?

        It was a dismal night, as Katherine appeared, having seen what Celeste had done.

        “Leave him alone,” she demanded of Celeste.

        Celeste turned to face her.

        “Now why would I do a thing like that? My plan is already in motion, as we speak.”

        “Because family is everything. You can’t teach someone the errors of putting your family first, above everything else, because there is no error in doing that. Take it from someone that just learned that lesson the hard way. I was reunited with my daughter, only to have to watch her die. All she wanted was for me to be happy, instead of having to give something up to cure her from Tyler Lockwood’s bite. I honored that, even though it hurt, and it still does. Leave Elijah and his family alone. You go after Elijah and you’re coming after me as well. No matter what, whether he’s always leaving to put his family first or not, I will always stand beside him. I always have and always will,” Katherine replied.

        “I’m sorry, but I can’t do that. Who are you?”

        “Well, you’re the first person to not recognize me. I guess you’ve been body jumping too long, Celeste,” she replied, realizing who she may be. “I’m Katherine Pierce. Now leave the Mikaelsons be or you’ll have me to deal with.”

        “I can’t do that, Katherine. Besides, how are you going to stop me? You kill me now and I’ll just body jump into someone else.”

        “You’re right. I can’t kill you, but I can hurt you. Before Nadia died, she told me something that was kept from me all my life. I’m descended from Travelers, which means that I have magic of my own. I may be new at it, but I’m always a quick learner,” Katherine told her.

        She magically through Celeste against a wall hard enough to knock her out. Then she rushed to Elijah, whom lay on the ground after being poisoned with a kiss from Celeste. She knew that he’d recover soon, but until then, she needed to get him home and save his siblings. After that, Celeste was going to have to deal with her wrath.

*Crescent City- Second Version*

Hold me in your arms tonight

I can be your hero, baby

I can kiss away the pain

I will stand by you forever

You can take my breath away

Would you swear

That you’ll always be mine?

Or would you lie?

Would you run and hide?

Am I in too deep?

Have I lost my mind?

I don’t care…

You’re here tonight

        It was a dismal night, as fire swept through the plantation house, the plan put in motion that Celeste had created. Katherine was in there, on the floor, everything going black for her.

        When Elijah awoke from being poisoned by a kiss by Celeste, he recovered and knew who he would save, for once in a long time.

        “Katerina,” he said, and blurred to where the plantation house was to go save her.

        Once he arrived, he jumped through the window and scanned the living room for Katerina. When he saw her, she was on the floor half covered by fallen pieces of wood. He blurred to her and through the wood off her and gently picked her up in his arms, blurring out of the house. Then he gently layed her down on the ground on grass and looked down at her, listening to make sure she was okay.

        When he didn’t hear anything from her, he began to try and revive her.

        “Breathe, Katerina. Come back to me.” He couldn’t lose her. Especially, not like this. Even when he always broke her heart for choosing family over her, time and time again, she would always be and still was, a part of his world. If she died, he didn’t know what pieces of him would be left. She was a part of him, whether he wanted to admit it or not. He couldn’t live without her in his life. She was too important to him for him to lose her for good.

        After a few minutes, she was revived, which relieved him.

        He gently picked her up in his arms and headed home.

*Moon Over Bourbon Street*

I can be your hero, baby

I can kiss away the pain

I will stand by you forever

You can take my breath away

Oh, I just want to hold you

I just want to hold you, oh, yeah

Am I in too deep?

Have I lost my mind?

Well, I don’t care…

You’re here tonight

        It was a dark night, as Elijah and Klaus stood by, watching Genevieve do a spell to try and bring Katherine back.

        “I won’t lose that baby. I’ll tear it out of her myself,” Klaus said, but Elijah stood in front of him to stop him.

        “I won’t lose Katerina.”

        Genevieve continued the spell, and, after about twenty minutes, it was completed.

        Elijah stood by the table that she lay on, waiting for her to come back.

        When she came back, he helped her sit up and seeing him, she hugged him with arms around his neck and head on his shoulder, happy to be alive.

        Elijah hugged back, as Klaus silently watched.

        Later that night, Katherine stood on her balcony at the compound, Elijah next to her. He didn’t know what he’d do if he’d lost her. She was everything to him, next to his family. He couldn’t live in a world without her.

*Car Crash*

I can be your hero, baby

I can kiss away the pain

I will stand by you forever

You can take my breath away

I can be your hero

I can kiss away the pain

And I will stand by you forever

You can take my breath away

You can take my breath away

I can be your hero

        It was a nebulous night, as Katherine stumbled through the New Orleans streets, having been in a crash. She’d driven off and found herself in New Orleans after Damon had tried handing her over to Silas for an unknown reason back in Mystic Falls. She knew she should go to a hospital, but she didn’t think there was any working hospital in New Orleans after Mikael’s raid in 1918. Since she was in New Orleans now, she decided to try and find Elijah. The word was try, since she was so injured. She’d really injured herself in that car crash, but Katherine had always been determined, and right now, she was determined to find him before her injuries stopped her from finding him. She wasn’t being too successful right now, though.

        Elijah was coming from the only bar in town, when he caught the mixed scents of Katerina, human, and blood. It was close by, so he looked around to search for where she was, only to spot her amongst a crowd of passersby, using a hand on a building to guide her. She was very injured and by the looks, she was human. He knew it had to have had something to do with the cure, because that was the only explanation he could come up with. When he’d left, she’d still been a vampire. He knew she loved being a vampire, so he knew she wouldn’t willingly take the cure. That gave him the possibility that someone had shoved it down her throat sometime between him leaving and now.

        He quickly weaved around people to get to her and then stood in front of her. That’s when he saw the extent of her injuries. There was blood on either side of her head, her lower stomach and side were bleeding, and an artery in her thigh had been opened up and was also bleeding. He also could tell that it looked like she may have a concussion, but she was fighting it.

        She stopped when he stood in front of her, and was relieved to see him.

        “Elijah,” she greeted.

        “Katerina, what has happened?” he inquired of her.

        “I thought Elena had some part in you leaving, so I tried to kill her, and she shoved the cure down my throat. I left town but came back once Elena went off to college. I asked Damon for protection, which didn’t last long. I don’t know why and I’m not going to ask, but he tried handing me over to Silas, so I got the hell out of dodge. When I got here, I accidentally crashed the car,” she summarized to him.

        “Can you digest vampire blood?” he questioned. He looked calm, but he was mad at Damon for trying to do that to her and for Elena giving her the cure unwillingly. He knew Katerina had started it, but surely Elena could’ve done something other than giving her the cure.

        “I can’t,” she informed him. Then everything began to go black.

        “Katerina.” He caught her from hitting the ground and then gently picked her up in his arms.

        She rested her head on his shoulder, before everything went black.

        He blurred home to get her some help, knowing Rebekah would know what to do for her. He knew how much Rebekah despised her, but he also knew that she wouldn’t kill her as long as Elijah wanted her alive.

        Once in his room, he gently layed her down on his bed. By now, she’d lost a lot of blood and was pale from her injuries. He had to have faith that she’d be okay, though. She was Katerina. A fighter like none he’d seen before. She was the first doppelganger he’d seen, fight like hell and survive it all.

        An hour later, after Rebekah had tended to her, Elijah was seated on her bedside, waiting for her to awaken. Rebekah had done what she could for her and had informed him that she’d be just fine. So now Elijah just had to wait for her to wake up.
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